Huge Fans of Local Government?

DSCN7727, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I found this flag to be very odd. It was great, after I was staring at it for like 5 minutes, some other folks on the block also started staring at it.  They were super nice and told me “it’s Nashville, it’s Nashville”.


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  • Yea Old Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This house has a different flag outside of it all the time. They’ve flown flags from tons of different countries, states, cities and even different causes. They don’t change daily, but I think it’s just about weekly.

  • I lived in Nashville for 10 years, and it was great place to be. The local government was…er, just fine, although I guess my main encounter with it was at a friend’s sentencing hearing. (He had it coming though, so can’t fault them for that.)

  • Hell yeah! I grew up in Nashville. Great city.

  • Aha! You’ve found/discovered me. Actually, I usually *do* change the flag daily- except for new ones that are flown over a weekend when I first acquire them. The only other times the flag doesn’t change is if I’m away, or if the weather is lousy (rainy, icy, or super-windy). I currently have over 450 flags and am always buying new ones, so if there’s something you want flown on a certain day, just drop a note through my mail slot. Glad you enjoy seeing them.

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