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  • It looks like it was always at least a duplex.

  • I used to live next door to that place, it is gigantic, but it seems to be a Chinese boarding house. There is usally some weird stuff going on there, like a ton of pigeons, furniture outside, and weird gardening projects, but overall good neighbors.

  • LOVE this house — where is it?

  • Looks like just two electric meters. Duplex maybe, or separate basement unit?

  • That’s formstone. I’m not usually a fan, but this looks OK, although the brick that’s undoubtedly underneath probably looks better.

  • You like this… “stone?” Formstone is the work of the devil, and should be ripped from this great earth! Unfortunately, the underlying brickwork is usually damaged by the installation of the fake stone. How anyone in this day and age can think that formstone is attractive, or that it looks real, is beyond me – what is this: 1960’s Balmer?!

  • Formstone is the work of the devil in the guise of door to door salesmen likely. You see it in DC quite a bit but Baltimore (or at least East Baltimore) got blitzed with it.

  • JRock, it’s on New Jersey Ave close to New York Ave (where you make the turn for the 395 tunnel).

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