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The house at the triangle of 11th Street and Vermont Ave has finally been completed. I had shown this house in various states of renovation previously. I think it came out great. I’m hoping the owners let me take some interior photos.


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  • I walk by that corner often- they seem nice enough. The garden space outside is to die for… but it’s often ruined by their yappy little yorkies.

  • I can’t believe the change. It’s really hard to recall how scuzzy the yard was before… the yorkies are a 1000% improvement. At least now you can walk along the sidewalk, which was not possible back when. Thank you, new owners, whoever you are. Yap away!

  • Interesting looking house, but God! The exterior color is soooooo drab and dull.

  • I will say it again: I love this house! The renovation looks great, but I must confess to missing the ivy and Satis House – esque appearance. But these folks did a fantastic job on one of my favorite houses in DC. I’d LOVE to see interior pics if you can get them!

  • Stunning renovation. I especially love the roof, oddly enough.

  • Can you post the pictures of the renovation? Couldn’t find them on the search.

  • Ooh, the Dredwerkz again! Pretty savvy move by Reid

  • … getting in early then selling to yuppies!

  • … getting in early then selling to yuppies!

    Don’t think so… It was on the market for a long, long time, and the owner gave me the impression it wasn’t a speculator he bought it from (family, or estate – something like that)

  • I’ll miss the roses. I would all stop to smell them on my way to work

  • Jay O,
    it was bought from a young guy I knew from school. He bought it in late 90’s or early 00’s and ran it as a group house (the Dredwerkz) for a few years. I wanted to get a room in the group home in 2004 but I was a couple days too late or something like that. The group used to write a blog together — back in 2003 to 2004, that is.

  • Actually, I didn’t buy it. Our landlord was asking too much for it, considering the massive amount of renovations needed. (The roof needed to be replaced, the brick repointed, etc) Plus, it still only has 1.5 bathrooms, which is a little frustrating. Our landlord eventually declared bankruptcy, and it was sold through receivership shortly thereafter.

    Having said that, my new place ( two blocks south on 11th lets me stay in the neighborhood.

    Every so often I walk by and check out my flagstones still sitting in the yard. The interior style seems a little NoVa for my taste. (No offense intended…I’m sure they improved everything by leaps and bounds!)

  • Pass by this house often. Watching the renovation take place was great. Turned out beautifully. Not sure who the contractors were, but they were there at the crack of dawn until late in the evening, often on the weekends too. Always very courteous and did an amazing job!

    I believe the owners have ties to Vino Teca up the street so they’re def invested in the neighborhood!

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