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  • it’s an apartment building, actually, not a single house. here‘s what it looked like while being repainted last year.

  • “South” is capitalized, unless you are talking about a direction. Shouldn’t surprise you, as we are south of the Mason and Dixon…

  • this is in bloomingdale on seaton right?

  • It does have a little St. Charles Ave in it!

  • eric in ledroit: it’s on the unit block of T street.

  • Thie house is a single family residence. Iit USED to be an apartment building. I know this for sure. I own it and I live in in. Thanks for the New Orleans reference –that’s exactly what I was shooting for when I painted it and added a 2-bedroom, 2-bath rental apartment and garage on the ground level. (These are only partially shown at the bottom of the picture). I call it Adobe Victorian New Orleans!

  • anonymous house owner: wow, great big house! sorry to ID it as an apartment building. any chance you’ll take that fence down at the front of your stoop? it’d make the place look a little more welcoming…

  • I would call it more “Colonial Revival-meets-Mission.”

  • Re House’s architectural style: An architect told me that the house was actually “Georgian Italiante” I looked it up and it pretty much fit the bill. Does anyone else have any other ideas re its architectural style?? I would really love to know!! Also, I was told (by the owner of the Anna Cooper House in Ledroit) that the DC Architect had told him there were only 12 houses in DC with double covered porches. I know that one of these house is directly behind me. Does anyone know where the other 10 sre.?? This might be a fun architectural hunt!!

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