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  • Isn’t that on 15th or 16th street around Q or R or S or something? I know I’m being so specific…

  • wow that place is nuts

  • It’s on 16th St, I think between Q & R, but it might be one block up, I can’t remember.

  • I had friends who lived there in the ’80 when it was a group house, it’s totally awesome. Beautiful inlaid wood floors, ornate columns, the works. After renovation it includes a fireplace and waterfall in the kitchen (big enough for a couch and island, a loft bedroom with soaking tub on the top floor and a rooftop deck with a wet bar.
    The epitome of house porn.

  • It’s used as office space now, I believe. I had a friend who worked for a non-profit that was in that building, and the law firm I used to work for was looking at renting the building at one point.

  • Anon 10:04, I must be confusing it with a similar building up a block.

  • I used to live in the deco-era apartment building (Hightower Apartments) next door. It’s just south of the 16th St NW/Q st. intersection.. across from the JCC. Has a great early 20s Orientalist/Romantic architecture style vibe to it.

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