Holy Potentially Awesome – Red Derby Applies for Roofdeck Seating


Thanks to a reader for sending word of the big permit request in the Derby’s front window (3718 14th Street, NW):


How awesome would this be? Seriously. I’m hyperventilating at the mere thought.

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  • Word. I went there last Sat. night and was disappointed to find that it was packed. Maybe this would help. Or maybe it’ll just turn it into Local 16 all the time.

  • hells yeah

  • I might have to move. (closer, that is)

  • This is great news!

  • Knew about this for a little while. 🙂

    @ L. No kidding. Sometimes on weekends it feels like a georgetown shuttle is running non stop!

  • That would make for a perfect June Saturday am brunch spot! Hope it goes through.

  • what is the Red Derby and why are people so gaga over it?

  • If I wrote the zoning code, they’d have to apply for permission not to have a roof deck.

  • I have to confess i was one of the people packed in there on saturday night. and without tight pants or fixed gear bicycle chained up out front. sorry for cramping your style, L.

  • I’m lovin’ it! And although I sadly don’t wear skinny jeans, have a beard, or wear black rim glasses, so I certainly could be cramping your style, but I think that the Derby is still at least one year away from what Wonderland has become–bridge & tunnel weekend destination.

  • If it does become a Bridge and Tunnel destination, it will only be because people like us are trying to show our “still a little scared of the city and all those brown people” friends what a quality neighborhood bar can be like.

    hmmm, maybe I should just cut those people loose and try to save the Derby for the hood? 😉

    Either way BOO-YA ROOF DECK. Hope the neighbors behind that string of stores don’t have windows facing 14th st…

  • I live directly across the street from the Derby, it is one of my favorite places.

    I’ve also lived on Irving and 11th, and the Wonderland, like the Derby, should NOT be your weekend bar destination. Unless you like being shoulder to shoulder with people who all look the same. I mean really, its a weeknight spot fo sho.

    Patrick is the BEST bartender EVER. done.

  • I love the red derby. They have a great, affordable brunch, excellent bar selection, cool beers, and great vibes–at least when I go there. I typically don’t go there on weekend evenings, and I’m not really artsy-fartsy. I live 4 blocks away, and it is a great place when I want to join friends for a few beers after work.

    I can’t wait for more seating, though!

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