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From an email:

My name is Hannah Nielsen-Jones, I work at GALA Hispanic Theatre at 14th and Park. I’m emailing you with a somewhat bizarre request. In June, we will be premiering a new musical called ‘Momia en el closet,’ about the journeys of the embalmed corpse of Eva Peron. We are bringing actors and dancers to DC from Argentina to be a part of this production. We’ve already got several of them staying with our people who usually provide artist housing but we need spots for three more, ideally for $300 a month
per person (which is crazy, but theatre budgets are crazy!) either in Petworth/CH or near a Metro so they can get home late after rehearsals. The dates they would be here are April 24th through June 30th.

I think what we would get ideally are some people who have basement apartments they don’t want a long-term tenant in, or are
in-between tenants, who are interested in an intercultural experience, for whom the cash would be a secondary factor … we can offer free tickets to the show as well.

It runs Thurs-Fri-Sat at 8 pm and Sundays at 3 pm, from June 4th through June 28th, at GALA Hispanic Theatre, 14th
St and Park Road, NW. Rehearsals for the show start next week and we are looking for housing asap! People can call Mariana Osorio, the Production Manager, at the GALA office at 202 234 7174, if they have any leads.

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  • yeah, that’s not happening.

  • Anyone remember Up With People? My parents always volunteered to take a handful of their performers when the show came to town. Of course, that was two days, not two months.

  • LOL at “Up with People”. That’s a blast from the past!

  • I used to do computer support for a group called Flashpoint ( which is a project of the Cultural Development Corporation ( If I remember correctly, it seems that they had subsidized housing for artists in a nice building across from the main city library (right next to a metro stop). It would probably be worth a try to see if there might be an opening and maybe GALA Hispanic Theatre could work out a deal with them.

    ps – My wife and I enjoyed “The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexica” at the GALA this past Friday…

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