Hadiyah Cafe Open!


Back in February I had written about Hadiyah’s opening (located at 3118 Georgia Ave.) but I had never seen it open until this past Friday. I spoke with a few of the folks there and they were super nice. They were very proud of their hot dogs and hope to give Ben’s a run for its money.


However, they also noted that they had very good curry dishes as well. I now understand why the spot always seemed closed. At the moment the hours are a bit limited. Currently they are open 9-6pm Mon.-Fri but open until 8pm on Thursday. Sadly, they are closed Sat. and Sun. In the future, (when the economy improves) they hope to extend their hours, get wifi, and serve breakfast (breakfast options not to exceed $6). I know the hours are tough but has anyone checked them out yet?


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The sign above is a verse from the Koran that says, “God is great. There is no God but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. God is great.”

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  • Does anyone know where the owners are from? It looks both African and African-American. I’d be interested in finding good African restaurants around Petworth or CH. Right now the hours would make it impossible for me to ever check them out, but if they are able to open on weekends later, I’d be curious.

  • Shiiiiit, that place looks good. I’ve got to head there for a curry ASAP.

  • I count 3 things wrong with that hot dog sign.

  • um. if you want to sell hot dogs and curry, it might be a good idea to be open when people want to eat that stuff. do most people eat hot dogs or curry from 9-11 am? why not just open at 11:30 and stay open through dinner every night. also, lots of people like to eat on the weekends. many restaurants close mondays rather than the weekend because the weekends are generally busy times. super nice or not, these owners seemed destined for failure.

  • Let’s beg them to stay open late another night of the week (or is there a religious reason for not serving dinner?)

  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to be open everyday when the economy is not doing well opposed to when things get better? How do the owners expect to stay in business by closing on both weekend days and staying open one weekday evening?

  • What is with the crazy lettering?

  • They definitely have the dumbest schedule I’ve ever heard of.

  • Cardboard signage?

  • I just don’t get how a retail eatery in a residential area can justify being open 9 to 6 mon to fri only. Is there some large customer base of housewives, bartenders, call girls and other night-shift workers who are going out for hot dogs and curry at 9 a.m. that I don’t know about?

  • It looks like this great place near UPenn’s campus that we used to patronize. But I’ll pile on with the confusion: how can a restaurant succeed if they close before most of the working stiffs (the ones with money to eat at restaurants) get out of work??

  • do you think they’ve sourced a halal half smoke?

  • Anon 7:05 — I’m sure it’s just me, but hell, I could have a good curry anytime. 7am? Breakfast of CHAMPIONS! The hotter the better, 24 hours a day. Christ I’m hungry allasudden.

  • A lot of times when a shop or eatery is on the margins and has odd hours like this it’s a front for an illegal crime operation. Thoughts?

  • I love to see excited, new, and vibrant local businesses open and thrive, but I just don’t see how a restaurant could possibly succeed when they’re closed during dinner and weekends.

    Jim: For what it’s worth, they may be getting kosher half-smokes; many imams teach that anything kosher is by that nature also halal (although, rabbis don’t accept it the other way around, as kosher food needs to be blessed by the rabbi, but halal food does not need to be blessed).

  • Thanks Tom, After I posted that I wondered about what you just suggested. I haven’t seen that in DC so long that I forgot how common it used to be.

  • It’s cute, and an All % Hot Dog’s “Beef” does sound good, but I’ll never make it with those opening hours. I like the green walls.

  • They may also make much income off catering, which is common if a restaurant is lucky. One of the best places near me (Sabor’s) is generally closed as they do so well on catering that running the restaurant is a hassle, and they have to deal with violent delinquents wandering in (its on Georgia Ave).

    Tom: not the dumbest thing I’ve heard, but close. While laundering joints are not uncommon, I think the care and decor obvious in this place discounts that. And its not the simplest account of their hours. Perhaps they don’t want to deal with violent delinquents that wander freely and harass businesses on Georgia.

  • Their hours are as bad as Chatman’s Divine Bakery. For a morning coffee and muffin you have to weight till 11:30???.

  • Hey Pennywise, Georgia Avenue, particularly in this stretchy is not bad. It is a lot better than it was a year ago, or even six months ago, and it is changing very fast.

  • In fact Pennywise, I just read your comment again, and I really think that’s a knucklehead thing to say.

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