Good Deal or Not? “Pristine” Edition


This condo is located at 1740 18th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Pristine condo in prime Dupont. Completely renovated in 2006 with wide-plank maple floors, generous crown mouldings and recessed lighting. Kitchen with granite and stainless. King-size master bedroom with walk-in closet. Second bedroom that can actually accommodate a queen-size bed! Washer/Dryer in unit. Small boutique building in an amazing location. Walk to shops & metro.”

More info and photos found here.

I thought this one would be interesting to look at because it is similarly priced to yesterday’s GDoN. Of course this one is a condo and not exactly in the same neighborhood. Plus this one has two full baths. Does $509,000 seem reasonable?

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  • this place has even less character than yesterday’s GDoN (even though the yards were lovely!). What a shame it was gutted, now leaving it soulless…..

  • seems a bit overpriced compared to the comps. it is a condo not a house. Houses have more value, IMO. Not because of condo maintenance fees but because you own all the walls and the land they sit on and can do what you want with them. The living/dining/kitchen area seems really small too.

    I wouldn’t say its a terrible deal or drastically overpriced but I think it needs another 20k reduction.

  • And it looks like a basement..

  • I do so like the word “Pristine”.

  • I actually think this is a good deal. Obviously lower than in would have been even a year or two ago and in an awesome location with nice finishes.

  • I realize that this might just be me, but I postively hate kitchens that are smack in the middle of the living room. This apartment has only one fairly small square public room that serves as living room, dining room and kitchen. I would hope that for half a million dollars I got just a tad more room definition than this.

  • Maybe I’m just used to CH $/sq ft figures, but this place is north of $600, which seems awfully steep in the current climate. And 846 sq ft is small, esp. for half a mil.

    Also, I like how half the pics of this place are not, indeed, of the condo. It’s almost like you’d be buying Lauriol Plaza, the Metro stop, and Dupont Circle instead of a small condo! Whenever someone is trying to sell me lifestyle over my life, I declare it no deal.

  • The styling is meh. Looks like any other new condo development – except it is in an older building. I guess the price reflects location and the fact that there has been an update – not size.

  • For those who know more about this than me: How much can one spend to renovate an 800ft condo? Are we supposed to believe they spent $60k (the difference between 2006 purchase price and asking price)? Is that possible?

  • Hell to the NAW!!!!! Not for that price. People still get robbed in Dupont!

  • Its really very boring condo and now i’m irritated that I spent the time going through the pictures.

  • Insanely overpriced

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