Good Deal or Not? Another Modern Edition


This home is located at 2131 10th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stylish 2-Level 2BR/2.5BA condo in hip U St! Features GARAGE PARKG, chef’s kitch (SUBZERO fridge, WOLF range, MIELE dwasher, MARVEL wine cooler, ample cabinetry), gorgeous baths, in-unit BOSCH w/ d, HARDWD flrs, recessed/custom lightg, dramatic staircase, firepl, extra STORAGE! Only blks to U St Metro/restaurants/etc. APPT ONLY – Tues/Wed afternoons are best! Nice tenants & dog leaving soon!”

More info and a virtual tour found here.

This modern condo is just up the block from another modern building we looked at last week. Well, this one is a bit smaller but it has an interesting layout. What do you think of both the inside and the outside? It can be yours for $599,000.

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  • I have always LIKED this place!

  • It’s lovely. Wonderful windows. A few quibbles: a knee-height microwave? Dining area is teeny.

    But overall, I refuse to believe that 1100 square feet in a fringe neighborhood is *worth* $600k. Someone might pay it, sure, but I don’t think it’s a good value. If the tradeoff is square feet versus fancy finishes, I’ll pay for the space any day.

  • I was going to let the microwave slide (I only put one in my kitchen renovation for the resale factor) but the sink is unnecessarily small too…if you’ve got the room, have a double sink.

    That aside, I the outside of the building more than most new places. It’s not all square and “smooth clean lines.”

  • The microwave is a really good idea here. It’s not a built in, and sits on an open shelf which could be used for something else. Someone averse to over the range microwaves or mircowaves in general could easiily use this shelf for either purpose.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of microwaves anywhere, and especially don’t like the design sensibility of the over the range ones. If you must have one, OTR is a practical solution, but it doesn’t look particularly attractive.

  • I think it is a fair deal (a hell of a lot better deal than 1.25 million for the place in Woodley, that is for sure!). Garage parking is huge, and I would not consider this a “fringe” ‘hood anymore. Right near the metro, lots of new restaurants and bars going in (some highlighted on this blog), two blocks from 9:30, etc. Kitchen (other than M.Wive) and bathrooms are much nicer than the typical newish condo. I bet they get reasonably close to asking.

  • Just to add to the last comment, the one concern I have — is it me or is there some major obstruction blocking the main window in the living room? Between the odd entrance and the strange views, this may be a rear / interior unit of sorts. if so, that would explain the sub-600 asking price for a large, stylish unit with parking in a prime location.

  • this is one of my absolute favorite buildings. really gorgeous. i take W street all the time to see it and the other one a block away. so yeah this is a good deal, actually better than I would expect.

  • fantastic. Some of the details are a little 80s-ish, like the white painted metal stair railing. But all the daylight is amazing. It looks pretty spacious too.

    U-Street is hardly up-and-coming. And the microwave below the counter, I think, is a nice touch. It keeps the countertop clutter free. And a microwave is hardly an attractive appliance that I’d want visible to everyone anyway. Its height below the counter is really no different than an oven, so what is so weird about it. Thinking on it, what is weird is that most of us keep our microwaves up higher.

    The bedroom looks like a weird shape but maybe that is the angle of the photo or the furniture arrangement. It could be a drawback.

    I don’t like the brown rustic tile in the bathroom either. It seems wrong for a bathroom with a clawfoot tub. Its just not elegant. But that is a personal preference and not a huge deal to change really.

    I think its a good deal and will probably sell very close to its list price.

  • Why do the put the sink / diswasher in the Island and not the stove? Really, if I’m a gourmet cook and cooking a lot, then I want to be able to look out into the room and interact with the people around.

    Call me unconventional, but I like a lot about this condo. A different kitchen layout I’d totally buy this place at this price.

    (BTW, I’m agnostic on the microwave, I’d probably put one in a different place if I put on in at all).

  • Wow, I’m really surprised to see all the comments saying it’s a good deal. $532/sq ft is at the upper bound for condo prices these days, although it might have been average a year ago.

    And is it really higher-end than, say, this place?

  • Anon @ 3:15–well, who knows because your link doesn’t have any photos to judge by. Maybe its more upscale. maybe its laid out better. Maybe it has better views. Maybe it hasn’t been on the market for almost a year.

  • Probably not higher end given the units I’ve seen in that building (although without photos impossible to judge layout, light, etc.), but garage parking in that neighborhood is probably worth 30-35k, and Union Row condo price does not include parking — plus has already been reduced twice. So with parking, the Union Row will probably end up selling for a little more …

  • The building looks like a weird modern take on a Dutch colonial house or something. Strange.

  • Wow. This building looks like it was vomited out of an architectural nightmare. I have to drive by it daily. It reminds me of those pasted together letter ransom notes from the movies. All different fonts.. no cohesion. Blegh.

  • WDC – No offense, but I think it is funny that you called this a “fringe area.” You’ve been over there in the last 8 years, right?

  • I like the windows, the location, the finishing, and the price. Good deal!

  • I’ve seen that union row unit (or at least another one like it) and while the living/dining/kitchen area is nice and big, the bedrooms are teeny. like you couldn’t even fit a full bed in the 2nd bedroom. and yeah, like someone else said – and extra 35k (i think when i looked at it, parking was 40k) for parking is a little much.

  • I toured this when it first opened and there was one big problem for me: Totally oddball bedroom dimensions. When I saw the units, they were empty, so obviously someone got a bed in there, but we left the tour thinking most of the units were heavy on attractive design but light on function.

    For all that tho, I think the price might still be reasonable, if the place fits you.

  • Actually, no, I haven’t been over there. Haven’t had any reason to. See what I mean?

    I’ve driven down U street and if I’m thinking of the right spot, seems a little shady. Lots of boarded up businesses. But as always, I acknowledge my ignorance in this and I’m happy to be corrected.

  • Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

  • Interested buyers might want to read this Washington City Paper cover story:

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