Good Deal or Not? 400 Foot Deck Edition


This condo is located at 1806 Belmont Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Charming spacious 2 br 1 ba in rare 5 unit brownstone. Picture window bay overlooking 18th & Belmont. Hardwood floors, updated marble bath, Kit with granite and stainless steel. Fireplace, recessed lighting, washer dryer, and 400 sq ft deck.”

More info and photos found here.

This one sounds and looks pretty sweet. Does $445,000 sound reasonable?

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  • Bad deal. Not in Petworth, proper.

  • lol, well while I would probably prefer Petworth for being able to get more space for my money, there are a lot of people who would like to live in Adams Morgan and for them, this is a pretty good condo for the price. With low interest rates you might even be paying less than you would to rent a comprable 2br.

  • It’s an okay deal, considering the great location. Don’t even think of living there if you have a car, though, since there’s no off-street parking included.

  • my word. I know people that paid 600k for basically the same thing a ways back at the height of the bubble. id say its a steal. draw backs as noted are parking and those two nights out of the week when the hoards of drunks start their parade. this is within ear shot of those drunks. But outside of those nights Adams Morgan is IMO the best neighborhood in DC. I would take this over anything in Columbia Heights. If not just to avoid the Ihop and Chipotle. and target. and best buy. and bed bath. and marshalls. and ruby tuesday.

  • It is small, but seems to be priced to sell. I say it goes for $445k with the seller paying the closing costs.

  • The focal point of the listing is a deck. It would be nice if the pictures included, you know, maybe the deck.

  • Too tiny fpr this price – seriously.

  • Whoever wrote the on-line ad is an idiot: he/she referred to it as a “brownstone.” First, it’s brick (and not stone), and second, that term is strictly for New York rowhouses! Anyone using that term down here doesn’t know his or her correct regional architectural terms!

  • it seems incredibly small and a bit overpriced compared to the comps. the master bedroom isn’t even large enough for circulation on both sides of the bed. the lack of photos is suspicious to me. I suspect they will get a little less than the listing because there are other properties nearby that have more square footage and are priced $20k+ less.

  • The DC tax records show this condo to be only 670 square feet, and NOT 1000 square feet, as indicated by the realtor.

    $445K is a ripoff for this place!

  • Kate: that’s interesting — I wonder if they were including the deck in the sq footage? (which seems crazy to me). But $445k is definitely too much for 670 sq ft … that’s the size of an average 1br.

  • It really does not look all that small to me, even without the deck. And my understanding is that if a deck is considered to be part of the apartment (as in included in any legal conveyance of the rest of the apartment) and it is liveable/useable space, it can be counted towards the square foot total. I don’t think there is anything nefarious about that.

  • Bedrooms are really small and they don’t offer photos of the deck or the kitchen. Even in that neighborhood it ain’t a good buy. If it’s true that the 1,000 sq ft of living space includes the 400 sq ft deck then in reality you’re getting a 670 sq ft 2br (for the record my first 1 br apt. was 700 sq feet). That price makes it $665 per square foot. The median condo value in that neighborhood is $550 per square foot. Based on the square footage and the median Adams Morgan price, I’d put a fair price at about $360K.

  • Guess what, they lied about the deck too. I toured this place on Sunday, and while I didn’t have my measuring tape with me, there is NO way the deck is 400 ft. It was very charming, but I’d put it closer to 100ft.

  • Haha, 400 SF would mean the deck was something like 20′ x 20′ which it so clearly is not!

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