Friday Question of the Day – Where’s the Most Romantic Spot in DC?

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I recently did an interview with the Examiner (to be published Sunday) and this was one of the questions they asked. As I was answering it, I thought to myself “man this would be a good FQoTD”. Since this has been a pretty rough week, I thought this would make for a nice ending. I had a bit of a goofy answer, claiming that laying in my hammock is the most romantic spot in DC. But what do you guys think, where’s your most romantic spot in DC? The monuments? Arboretum? Roof decks? Or are you with me on the hammock…

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  • My best date in DC was in the sculpture garden at sunset – but it was good because of the company as well as the location.

  • The Summer House on the Capitol grounds. Nice and shady on a warm summer’s day, with cool water dabbling in the background.

    The old Capitol pillars at the Arboretum are also nice for a stroll, hand-in-hand.

  • I have always liked the Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral. The terraced garden has beautiful boxwoods, roses, yews and perennials and a monastery herb garden based on the Middle Ages. It’s great for strolling and sitting – especially in springtime.

  • The cherry blossoms along the tidal basin very late at night, when there are no tourist around. It’s live walking in a dream.

    I always thought the capitol marbles at the arboretum are a very romantic place to get married. I hope that day comes soon for some of us.

  • I love the Spanish Steps in Dupont. Just a few steps from nightlife but still very secluded and beautiful in the summer.

  • @DrewLove

    To be a complete party pooper, I looked into the capitol marbles as a location for my wedding and the rental for just three hours is $10,000. That doesn’t even cover the security they require you to have.

    But for a fee of around 200-300 bucks you can get a permit to have pictures taken there…

  • What is this word…romantic, romance…? huh? I don’t even know what that means! 🙁

  • Roosevelt Island, no doubt.

  • Ditto on Roosevelt Island.

  • the rose garden just south of the Mall near the arts and industries building…except that one night I was sitting there with a date and as we were kissing, a long line of tourists on segways came rolling on past. it was pretty funny.

  • If you walk around to the back of the Lincoln Memorial just as the sun is going down you get the you get a light show hanging over the horizon and re-interpreted by the river that changes every moment. As it darkens, the glow of the Eternal Flame at the other end of Washington’s most elegant bridge comes into view and the lights of Roslyn blink on and off in random order, against the dark silhouette of skyscrapers against sky. And the crowds of tourists just behind you and the taillights cruising beneath your feat — all oblivious to the moment — sharpen the sense that you’ve discovered someplace special.

    See also any of the balconies at the Kennedy Center.

    (Rude PS — a buddy of mine you to sneak a bottle of wine onto the top balcony at the KC back when he was a poor student at GW, on a quest for a cheap date. And, as he confided, “if I wanted to soften them up emotionally, I’d take by the Vietnam Memorial first.”

    He ended up at a seminary)

  • Cliche, but on our second date my boyfriend walked me out to the middle of the Mall, after a delicious Chinatown dinner (We were both pretty poor). Illuminated by the glow of the Capitol and the Washington Monument, it was really very beautiful and romantic. And it still makes me think of it and smile every time I walk by there.

    That was three years ago and we’re still together. 🙂

  • Undoubtedly its on the floor of Congress where you can literally “give it” everyone in the country at once.

  • The roof deck of the Miss Ann, currently docked down at the Gangplank Marina, during the holiday parade of lights, motoring off Alexandria’s waterfront.

  • My husband proposed in that area behind the Lincoln memorial at sunrise. Of course it was lovely, but I could barely keep my eyes open, so I’m thinking that sunset would have been a better choice… I guess he knew me well enough to propose, but not well enough to know that I’m NOT a morning person.

  • If you want to take a bit of an adventure, drive two miles out of the city on MacArthur Boulevard and go to the Billy Goat Trail, which runs along the Potomac.

  • Under the cherry blossoms at Dumbarton Oaks…or there any time in the spring or summer. There are nooks with benches all over the garden, it’s super beautiful.

  • The Lincoln at sunrise

  • sitting in the big green chair at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Georgetown.

  • There’s a little outcrop off the C&O canal, right after mile 1 where it meets the capital crescent trail. It perches you over the Potomac — Really pretty at any time of day, but especially sunset. It’s gated off which means no one ever goes out there. Nice to grab a slice of pizza in GT and carry it out there for a picnic.

  • An alley near 11th and Mass is where I’ve had some lovely ladies. For a fee…

  • One of the benches under the dogwood trees at the Arboretum. Only in the spring.

  • the upper stairs at Fast Eddies? or a corner of Wonderland. . .

  • Kennedy center south veranda w/ a lovely lady. Beautiful well dressed people, Rosslyn skyline, lights reflecting off Potomac. And a nice tall scotch on the rocks

  • Spanish Steps on a warm evening.

    Garden at Dumbarton Oaks at almost exactly this time of year (about one week from now will be perfect).

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