First PoP Monthly Cleanup Kicked Ass


Thanks to all who turned out Sat. morning (I know there were a few other clean ups scheduled that day). Thanks, also, to Councilmember Bowser for showing her support. But a special thanks to Cynthia for dealing with the city to get garbage bags and a pick up scheduled. We cleaned from the Metro up New Hamphire Ave to and around Grant Circle including the road, some pocket parks and some side streets. I have to say when I walked down New Hampshire Ave later that night I nearly choked up it looked so good. I know that it will get dirty again, but I think we really had a good showing. Plus all sorts of folks on the road and on the street were thanking us for our efforts. So once again, thanks to all who participated.

Next month I’ll work with some pre-existing groups in Columbia Heights and we’ll have a joint clean up. Details to be announced later in May. More photos after the jump including a very interesting find by one participant…

One group appreciates some interesting tree roots:


Before everyone got here, while we were still clean:


And for the most interesting find – $5 and a bullet!


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  • I had a wedding that day and couldn’t go. But I made a point to drive the length of New Hampshire between Grant Circle and the metro later that day and was really amazed by the difference! Nice work!

  • I ended up driving by an hour after we finished and DPW had already picked up our trash bags. Hooray! Note to self – next time we’re recruiting someone with a small pickup to be our water and sunscreen runner.

  • This was actually a really fun time! It was great meeting new people and the conversation made the walk go by really fast. You would be surprised what kinds of things end up on the street. I picked up this old grey piece of crumpled cardboard only to realize it had a face and was actually roadkill- ok well no big surprise that was in the street…but my roommate found a mcdonalds bag filled with weave!

  • it was a wendys bag filled with weave, covered in ketchup. delicious!

    already looking forward to the next clean up 🙂

  • I had some things to take care of that morning, but driving home arond 11:30 on Saturday I was tremendously impressed by all the yellow bag-toting cleaner-uppers. Nice work! Thanks!

  • Excellent work! The street looks amazing.

  • Good times indeed. Picked up more cigarette butts than I could have ever imagined, with a nice sprinkling of the Black&Mild plastic tips – smoking is so cool. Jocelyn led myself and Leslie on a nice trip up Georgia Avenue in front of the Safeway too.

    I think it would have been interesting to see how many pounds of trash we picked up. Anybody care to bring a scale next time?

  • Can someone remind me what kind of tree that is in the center of Grant Circle? Someone driving by during the cleanup asked me, and I couldn’t remember.

  • I tip my hat to all the volunteers! Thank you for taking time from other activities to make a difference in the neighborhood!

    What a difference a number of years can make. In the old days, we were able to collect several thousand beer cans, a gun, broken glass from the smashed windows from cars, crack packets, and a whole host of other things. The city is a whole lot cleaner!

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