First PoP Day of Service Neighborhood Selected

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The winner with 39% of the vote is Petworth! Columbia Heights came in second with 27% of the vote and Mt. Pleasant squeaked by Park View for third place with 7% of the vote. I suggest we do the first cleaning from Grant Circle to the Petworth Metro (however, if large numbers turn out we can split up and send folks in other directions as well). To allow for planning purposes we’ll do the first cleaning Sat. April 25th. Please allow 2 hours for the cleanup – say 10am -12pm?

May’s cleanup will be in Columbia Heights and June’s will be in Mt. Pleasant. We will then re-vote to see where we’ll hit in July. So for those that volunteered to help with logistics – thanks! I’ll post a few reminders as the date approaches. Thanks to all who voted and hope lots of folks will be able to participate.

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  • Anyone know what kind/type/name of this tree? beautiful and unusal.

  • I think it’s a Cedar of Lebanon??

  • So, where to for post clean-up drinks/lunch/drinks?

  • are we getting t-shirts made for the occasion(s)? 🙂

  • Any possibility of getting over the Clark School? It’s a total mess–soccer players, dogs, etc–a bunch of us (dog people) have been talking about the community taking more ownership of it, and this is a great chance to start!

  • Superb idea to clean up Grant Circle to the Metro via New Hampshire ave. I would like to suggest that recyclables (plastic bottles, etc) are separately collected and disposed of in the blue bins. I notice a ton of plastic and glass bottles on this route almost daily and try to pick up a couple on my way home to recycle. And I will try to attend the Day of Service! Thanks for organizing it, PoP!

  • Recycle,

    Good idea, but unfortunately, as one who has done numerous street cleanups, its typically not possible to recycle the litter found on the streets (except the really recently dropped stuff) because recycle crews will only deal with plastic and aluminum that has been rinsed and cleaned. If it looks dirty (i.e. like litter) then it won’t be recycled. However, I’m eager to help out!

  • does everybody rinse and clean their recyclables before putting them in the blue bins? i highly doubt the recycle crew is going to know the difference between a plastic bottle i had in my house vs. one i picked up off the street if they are both in the blue bin.

  • I also support tryng to recycle stuff during the clean-up. We can reserve certain bags for the cleaner cans and bottles. And my blue bin is somewhat between Grant Circle and the metro.

    and normally I rinse recyclables if they look dirty, but otherwise I don’t worry about it – and I pick up a lot of street cans and plastic that look clean. The number of water bottles alone on New Hampshire is amazing!

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