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  • it appears that the area under the stairs is secure storage. I’ve never seen that before. Very cool.

  • Gack. I think the steps are FUGLY! The whole concept is atrocious. It’s hard to tell what’s going on here because the shot is so tight… but sideways industrial steel steps & rail to an awesome old townhouse entrance?

    Awful. Someone seriously cheaped out on fixing a crumbling porch/stairway which was probably granite and concrete before. Or it was a bad decision made to accommodate adding the ground-level entrance. Anything would look better than this.

  • I agree with Jamie! It looks turrrrible! Reminds me of a shorter version of those old passenger-airplane staircases, where you would have to climb up from the tarmac.
    I doubt if the old steps were concrete and granite, however, as the foundation looks unmolested. It probably had a beautiful wrought-iron platform and railing.

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