Do You Think This is Just To Freak Out the Tourists?

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I noticed that there are many Evacuation Route signs (presumably left from the inauguration) still up all over town. I’d love to know what the tourists think of these…

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  • Dumb assumptions. These are permanent and statutorily-mandated.

  • The DC flag on the sign is also a marker that it’s an evacuation route. It’s not really any different than seeing all the Hurricane Evacuation Route signs near the shore.

  • This is all post 9/11 stuff when the set up all of the how to evacuate rules and routes. I don’t mind but then I grew up in New Orleans with all the (useless and ignored) hurricane route signs.

  • Sorry Prince, but Anonymous 7:44 said it.

  • saf

    Yeah, the DC flag signs were originally how you told official evacuation routes from regular roads. But nobody seemed to remember that, so Adrian decided that we needed something more obvious. Hence the addition of the evacuation route tabs.

  • They’re permanent…I’m almost positive they’re more for natural disaster related stuff than terrorism. Baltimore has them all over the lower-lying areas.

  • Well, if they were meant to freak out tourists…it’s not working.

  • While we city folk know which direction to MD/VA don’t you think an arrow should have been included for the tourists?

  • If you were downtown on 9/11, you remember what a mess that was. I was threatened at gunpoint by secret service not to cross Mass Ave. Mayor Williams came on the radio about 8 hours after the attack and mumbled something about “leave town, like on the road or something” which was the extent of our evac plan. So I am sure we’ve spent shitloads on planning evacs, put up some of these signs, and it will all be chaos should such an event ever happen again.

    The big problem of course is that the feds can close off roads at will, no matter the evac routes. Remember how insignificant you are in the face of the jack booted federal thugs (latter statement intended to inflame. sort of).

  • Here is what I think is a little known factoid about DC evacuation from the DC Gov website:

    Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, between Rock Creek Park and the US Capitol serves as the dividing line for egress routes. When evacuation is ordered, motorists north of Pennsylvania Avenue will be directed North, East, and West on radial evacuation routes; motorists south of Pennsylvania Avenue will be directed South, East, and West on radial evacuation routes. None of the evacuation routes cross and no vehicles will be permitted to cross Pennsylvania Avenue during an emergency evacuation.

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