Dear PoP – What’s Up With the Perseus Project?

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“Dear PoP,

What’s the status of Perseus Realty’s YMCA project at 14th and W Streets, NW? Has construction started?”

On their Web site it says they have broken ground on Sept. 26, 2008. But from the photo above, taken on Saturday, it is hard to tell if much progress has been made.

Last we heard about this spot, there was a fire here back in January. I’ll email this post to the developers and see if they can give us an update. Do any readers happen to know if the construction is moving along?

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  • From what I hear, demolition could occur in July if they get financing. Even though they’ve received a big subsidy and already had a groundbreaking. WTF?

  • I remember reading an article a couple months back that the developer received some sort of added tax benefit which would allow them to get this project off the ground, but doesn’t appear much activity has taken place yet.

  • Yes, the Grahamstander pushed through emergency legislation (ergo no community notification necessary) that provided the developer with over $5million in tax breaks. One wonders how many other developers are now going to come forward hat-in-hand so-to-speak and ask for similar tax breaks because of the economy.

  • What’s goin to happen to the market and fast food joint next door?

  • Anon 9:37 – is that market any good?

  • I can only pray that this isn’t a cover for the Perseus Mandate


  • Anon 10:29 – I have never been in the market, you can’t really see inside because the windows are covered up with what I believe are beer logos/advertisements. As for the food joint next door, it looks really dirty inside.

  • I live across the street. Not an inch of progress in a year.

  • Anon 10:29 the market is OK. Kinda smells inside, but will do in a pinch.

  • i hope they are not razing those old buidlings and are planning to incorporate them into a new structure. The facades are kinda cool.

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