Dear PoP – Park and Sherman Pop Up Edition

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“Dear PoP,

The building at the corner of Sherman Ave and Park Road is a pop-up that needs to be judged, but, more importantly, from the dumpster that recently appeared out front, it looks like they recently restarted work on the building. Any ideas on what it’s going to be? Can any of your loyal readers help shed some light?”

A number of readers have recently inquired about this building. I believe someone said it is going to be a church. Can anyone confirm? As for judging the pop up, I think it looks awful. The material seems to be plywood and no windows have been cut yet. But if the external material matches that of the material below it may be decent. But sadly, I’m not very optimistic about this property. You guys?

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  • Jai alai practice court.

  • what’s that?

  • I just noticed this pop-up this weekend and I was wondering what was going on! The plywood looks pretty weathered, so I was thinking it had been like that for a while and I hadn’t notice. (But based on this post maybe not).

  • Been there for at least a year. Supposed to be apartments.

  • Clearly this is not a finished product.

    It was a church. Before that it was a gas station. It is going to be condos. I talked to the developer over a year ago, he was going door to door trying to get neighborhood buy-in for his project. It seemed reasonable enough. I suspect he has had financing or permitting problems.

  • Looks like we’re about to lose another gas station on Sherman Avenue too. The station on Sherman and Girard seems to be closing. Any idea what, if anything, is planned to go there?

  • Sherman and Girard…or Sherman and Harvard? Please say its the Sherman and Harvard gas station you are talking about that is closing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I must mean Sherman and Harvard. I always take public transportation, so I can’t remember the exact intersection. I’ve only used it a couple times for filling up a rental car or a zipcar. I remember that they were cash only which annoyed me.

  • 3408 Sherman hasn’t had a valid building permit for almost 2 years. I’d be surprised if that plywood sheathing and the studs behind were even built to the approved building permit they DID have in 2006. You wouldn’t catch me up there (or under it for that matter).

  • I believe thats the “famous” Apex gas station where someone was shot in the chest or head at a while back, and security cams showed numerous patrons actually stepping over his dying body and getting their gas and going about their business. I think someone stole his wallet too, after he was down. The sooner that place is gone and the earth salted the better.

  • “Any ideas on what it’s going to be? Can any of your loyal readers help shed some light?”

    Yes. It’s going to be a monstrosity.

  • Every time someone says that there’s no way they’d ever let their neighborhood be designated an Historic District, I think of pop-up monstrosities like this one and laugh.

  • Great news about Apex! It makes me wonder what changed our neighborhoods faster, gentrification or the current recession? The recession is turning out to be a much faster change agent it seems than gentrification in my section of Columbia Heights.

  • Anon, I dig ya. Up in my area (way north Georgia), since the recession (roughly last quarter 2008), the biggest and longest-abandoned house in my blocks was totally renovated and two new businesses have opened up, on Georgia no less. I can only surmise that the price downfalls were taken advantage of by a few enterprising folks. Bless them. One of the places is a Julias Empanadas, who I’ve already got $100 set aside for. And drool. Lots of drool…

  • The increased vacant property tax, now set at very punitive levels, is killing landbankers who have been sitting on vacant properties for years. They’re putting them back into service so they stop hemorrhaging money.

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