Dear PoP – Angelicos Pizza Opens Up in Mt. Pleasant

Angelico outside

“Dear PoP,

Angelicos’s pizzeria is now open in Mt Pleasant. It’s at 3205 Mt Pleasant St, just north of Lamont. Here are a few photos…While there are a few tables, it seems more a takeout/delivery place & located conveniently (at least for me!) just a few steps away from the end of the 42 bus line. I met the manager Selim & he said they just opened yesterday – their web site still says this location is “coming soon.”

And the pizza, well someone with a more discerning pizza palate might want to weight in. I got a slice (more like 1/4 of a pizza) & it was foldable, cheesy, and tasted like pizza. Filled me up for $3.85!”

Angelico manager Selim

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  • Seems like the only viable business left in DC is a pizza joint or a bar. How do all these pizza joints stay in business?

  • Hey anon- it’s a horrible recession. Be happy that places aren’t closing en masse. I know I am.

  • Can someone offer a comparison between this pizza and that at Radius or Pete’s or Red Rocks? Is it the all too common in DC fancy thin crust, or is it a nice hand tossed like at Radius? Is it reaching the greasy level of “Jumbo Slice” or is it…you know…edible when sober?

  • Angelico is pretty good, I’ve had their pie from the Tenleytown location. But seriously, echoing the first commenter, wtf? How many pizza joints do we need? I mean I guess if the market supports every other restaurant being a pizza place, then so be it, but I’d so much rather see ANY other kind of restaurant.

    On the other hand, I am pretty sure Angelico has a full pasta menu as well. So there’s something.

  • I went to AU and Angelico’s was a staple takeout option. It’s cheap, fast, and pretty tasty. It’s no Red Rocks/Radius/Pete’s, but if I’m in the ‘hood and looking to grab a quick bite, it’s damn good.

  • Anyone know if it’s open late at night?

  • Do they deliver?

  • Don’t forget Moroni and Brothers. Very good pizza and a local business deserving support.

  • Yay!! Pizza snob comment war time!!

  • does deliver

  • Enough with the Moroni and Brothers. I beginning to sense that many of the favorable and “reminder” comments about Moroni and Brothers on this site are planted!!!!

    The key here is that you can buy pizza by the slice, which is very different service than many of other other pizza joints in our hood (with the exception of Petes).

  • Can’t wait to try it!

  • I’m SO excited about this. I love Angelico’s. I’m sure it’s not the most “Upper Crust” (Ha! Get it?) But its quite tasty, and they have all kinds of gourmet toppings like prosciutto ham and artichoke hearts. Beats the hell out of Domino’s when you want delivery.

  • I’m the guy with the Moroni’s comment above. I didn’t “plant” it. I just love that place and don’t want to see it go under.

  • I loved this place while I was at AU. The Pesto Pasta and the sandwiches are amazing. Much better then the pizza.

  • if you lived by moroni you wouldnt shut about it either. its that and fusion or yr getting in the car. as for Angelicos it is good grub. if they had more tables and a beer and wine license it would be the end of Radius.

  • I am just glad to see anything new open on Mt. Pleasant – too bad the fascists are winning the single beer fight so we can’t have a nice tall boy to go with the slice …

  • Can’t wait to try it out!

  • New Hampy:

    Radius also sells by the slice. They custom top your pizza to order. Yum.

  • Radius is hit and miss – more misses than hits. So, I’m glad to have a new pizza joint in MTP. I like Pete’s, but I’m just too lazy to walk the 3 blocks to CH.

  • Radius? Overpriced yucky pizza.

  • Made a stop last night after weekly retail therapy session at Target. I ordered a slice of cheese pizza that was both delish and affordable. I was there in the early evening and business was quite brisk.

    I’ll definitely be back 🙂

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