Columbia Heights Package Thief Caught?

Thief in the Night, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

In March we learned of a rash of stolen packages in Columbia Heights. From the CH Listserv it seems the suspect may have been caught do to the work of a good Samaritan:

“Package thiefs have been arrested. At 3pm today I saw the same woman and a guy forcefully open front door of our building and pick up two packages from foyer

I called 911 and followed them for 45 minutes to corner of 16th and Florida where cops finally stopped them. Thiefs took items out of boxes in alley by 1101 then zig zagged many blocks before they realized I was STILL following them. There, they removed some more items before eventually being arrested.

They are being charged with breaking in and entering, mail theft, etc. I will be called to court to act as a witness. Officer stated that thiefs most likely will also receive stay away order for this neighborhood.

By the way, during my pursuit I had to call 911 twice as I did not see ONE police officer from 1101 all the way to 16th and Florida due to fewer police on duty becuase of Emancipation Day(holiday).”

Nicely done. And if you want a good laugh here is the story related to the photo above.

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  • Great work! Hopefully they will get convicted!

  • I wonder if these are the same people who stole a Treasury check from outside my mailbox and cashed it – even though it was my name on the check and it is not a common name… Hmmm….Or the same people who somehow found my ex boyfriend’s change of address notice and opened a ton of Sprint cell phone accounts in his name…

  • Good show! Thank you for being persistent! But I wonder what they did with all the stolen goods? Did they sell them to a pawn shop? Throw away stuff they found no use for? If you had followed them longer, maybe they would have led you to a fence? In any case, great job. I guess they didn’t live in the hood given the fact there will be a stay away order?

  • awesome! good for you for taking the time to do this… we are all grateful!

  • Hey POP, the picture you uploaded of Thief in the Night, is that by Wililam Sears? I don’t know of many people outside of the Baha’is who know of that book. Pretty cool.

  • Durr…just saw the link at the bottom of the story and realized it was someone else who submitted the photo.

  • Kudos to the Samaritan!

  • wat?

  • If they have a Porsche keychain and logo, it’s mine.

  • Good work! I had a fedex package stolen from my apartment in Bloomingdale a few weeks ago. Total bummer since what was in the package was probably useless to the thief.

  • Nice job! I had a similar experience when i caught guys breaking into cars on Irving st & Adams Mill. I was chasing them up the street and dialed 911 after they threatened me with a screwdriver and then thought better of it. Operator: “adams mill dont intersect irving.” me: “WTF IRVING BETWEEN MT PLEASANT AND ADAMS MILL! puff Puff gasp” Operator “aint comin up.” ..fucking retarded, honestly. Luckily a cop just happened to be passing by who i flagged down and caught them.

  • Yeah, 911 is a joke in this town. If you don’t give them an address exactly as they need to type it in to their map program, it doesn’t exist. And even if they do match an address it’s still a 50/50 shot of anything actually happening.

  • Kudos to you. We should all be doing these types of things, because obviously MPD needs help.

    p.s. “Due to” instead of “do to”.

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