Capturing Sweet City Signs


Thanks to a reader for sending this sweet sign from off New Jersey Avenue. Welcome to the Fellowship of Excitement. Awesome, and it’s not trademarked…

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  • Reminds me of the church at Riggs Road and 1st Place NE (near Ft Totten metro). It has a giant sign proclaiming it the “training ground for champions”. A friend of mine insists it sounds like a boxing gym.

  • Just wondering if anyone who reads here attends or would recommend a church located in Petworth.

  • saf

    Depends what kind of church you’re looking for. The UCC Church at Riggs & N Cap is good, as are the Episcopalians at Rock Creek Cemetery.

    I go to church in SW, so that won’t help you.

  • I sent in this picture.

    Not only do I love this street sign, but every time I see it, it *totally* reminds me of David Sedaris’ segment from the “Music Lessons” episode of “This American Life” where he sings — in the voice of Billy Holiday — the theme from his local mall in North Carolina: “The ex-cite-ment of Cameron Villiage . . . We’ll carry you awww-ayyy.”

    For the record I am not mocking this church, I just jumble the slogans in my head because I am weak like that.

  • I don’t know about Petworth but St. Stephen’s church in Columbia Heights at 16th and Newton is a great community church with a long history of progressive activism and connection with the neighborhood. It’s Episcopalian and has a very diverse congregation–black, white, hispanic, straight, gay, young, old, families, etc.

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