Best Brunch in Town?

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Hominy, a new restaurant, had opened up above Bohemian Caverns at the corner of 11th and U. Well, I have a little addendum that I had to add. Apparently they have complimentary champagne for brunch on Sundays.

Now we have discussed some of the best breakfast and brunch options in the past but this has got to put them in the running. Now that the weather is getting better, I thought I’d ask a slight variation on the question – where is the best outdoor brunch spot in town?

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  • Ate here and it was very tasty, French Toast was great. Nice atmosphere as well. Pricey for brunch if you aren’t into the free booze, but with a free drink the price is fair.

  • before they rebranded this place it completely sucked.

    there are a lot of really good brunches in town. I’d probably have to give 1905 (on 9th street just below U) the edge, it is pretty unbelievably tasty and the atmosphere is awesome.

  • I love Tabaq…best eggs benedict ever. I guess it only sort of counts as being outside though, since the roof deck is closed in…I really liked that in the winter, but I’m guessing that once it starts staying nice out I’ll prefer to go somewhere that’s really outside.

  • Right now it is Veranda, It used to be Saint Ex until it got too hyped and the food went downhill. When dining outdoors you need space especially when you have dogs. Veranda has plenty of space to spread out and people watch for a few hours.

  • Ate there on Sunday with my parents (out-of-towners). We all took advantage of the complimentary champagne, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

    Anyway, we all ordered different things and everyone’s food was fantastic. It’s pricey for brunch but we all went away happy. I was surprised at how empty the place was at 1pm.

    Definitely worth checking out.

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