At This Point You Might As Well Just Go For 24 Hours, Yeah?

DSCN8367, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I spotted this sign on H Street, NE and got a bit of chuckle. That’s insane, right? 23 Hours? I wonder what happens during the 24th hour…

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  • I know, ’cause asking for 24 hours of child care is too much.
    H St is full of great signage (I actually have a shot of this one myself ;-). Another one of my fav’s is the “Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates, Law Offices” on the 400 block.
    I found out recently that a couple years back, the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities sponsored an “Expressive Signs” initiative, and many of the memorable signs along H St (like the genius that is Stan’s Clothing) were a result of this effort. Not sure about this one though…

  • Maybe when you hit 24 hours, it basicly becomes foster care.

  • Didn’t you ever see From Dusk Til Dawn? You don’t want your baby there at midnight.

  • so right jamie, never feed kids after midnight. never get them wet and keep them away from direct light

  • I’ve also never seen this place open. so maybe its closed 23 hours?

  • Reminds me of a Steven Wright skit: “I went to a store that said open 24 hours but it was closed. I asked what was up and they told me they weren’t open 24 hours in a row.” Ok, so it’s much funnier if you watch him do it…

  • 23 hours is a regulatory thang.

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