Allegro Apartments Completed

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I’ve gotten a number of press releases about the immenent opening of the Allegro at 3460 14th Street N.W. It’s so nice to have this strip of 14th Street opened up again. And it looks like the building came out pretty good. I’ll be getting a sneak peak of the apartments inside so stay tuned for those photos. In the meantime, enjoy the open road! They reopened the bike lane:


And as we learned back in the beginning of February Thaitanic II will be opening up.


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  • So what happened to all the people who put down deposits for those apartments, which now are rentals, no sales?

    Back in the day, I was looking at buying a condo there. Didn’t for a number of personal reasons, but was jealous of those who did until I heard it converted to rentals. Did they get their deposits back? Did they get interest on the money? Did they feel lucky or sad in the end on not being able to live there, yet also getting the chance to buy elsewhere at lower prices?

  • I heard that the deposits were returned promptly, with interest. Not much interest, but a little something.

  • You heard correctly. I was one of those people and I got my deposit back plus a year’s worth of interest. I think it was a little more than you would get from a basic savings account but less than a money market fund. Anyway, most of it’s gone now.

  • I took a tour of a few of these apartments a few weeks ago and the apartments are outrageously expensive. Not to mention the parking spaces, $210!!

  • I checked into renting here as well. There’s something wrong when apartments in Cleveland Park are cheaper than apartments in Columbia Heights.

  • Also looked at apartments there…$1,795 for 530 sf-really?? They’re nice apartments, but they’re gonna have to come down in price-there’s no way they can expect those prices for apartments in CH, especially since there are other buildings that are closer to the metro and are the same price for way more space.

  • Actually, the comparables in the area are piced similarly – if not more (Highland Park).

  • I toured the building last weekend, the apartments are pretty large with upscale furnishings. It is a huge building with over 300 units and the courtyard is a big plus. I think they are priced right when you factor in that they are giving 2 months free rent. Also they have signed a cleaners and Haagen Dazs and Thaitanic for retail.

  • I heard from a friend that they’ve been giving out 2 months free rent. Of course they’re still expensive, but they’re a new luxury building and with 2 months free it’s a better deal than Highland Park or Park Triangle (of course after the first year you’ll have to pay full price).

  • So does anyone know the details about the two months free deal – is it literally the first two months free or is it prorated over the 12 months making each month cheaper? And when will they start moving people in?

    I think this is basically the same as Highland Park and Park Triangle (but better with the two month free deal). Highland park is 1695 for a 1 bedroom but only a $99 security deposit, and Park Triangle is $1775 for a 1 bedroom. So the prices seem to line up exactly the same.

  • I agree that these prices are in line with comparable buildings in CH, but I still question the wisdom of not pricing BELOW those price points. My perception is that while the Park Triangle is pretty full, the one above the Metro entrance/5 Guys (Highland Park?) is only about 66-75% full, and I’d be surprised if the building above “the Heights” is much more than half full! (is that one still condos?)

    My point is that if a building that is literally right on top of the metro can’t fill up at those prices, how are they going to fill a 300 unit building that is 3 blocks from the metro and directly next door to a damn fire station??? I mean, a nice interior courtyard is a plus, but is it better than a huge roof deck? Is the demand really there, or are they just betting that the market has bottomed out and things will only get better from here?

  • I looked at Park Triangle the same day I looked at Allegro, and although Park Triangle was roughly the same price, the unit there was much bigger: 1800 gets you about 530 sf at Allegro or about 700 sf at Park Triangle. Plus, Park Triangle is significantly closer to the metro station. I’ve decided not to move into either of them, but there’s no way I’d even consider Allegro at that price.

  • Newton, Haagen Dazs?!?! OH YEAH BABY, big belly summer here I come! That would be fantastic!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’ve just returned from Allegro apartments, sadly Haagen Dazs will not be opening up in this space.

  • Bummer.. this rollercoster of highs and lows is too much for my psyche.. 😀

    Any other retail than the Thai restaurant confirmed/in negotiations then?

  • Man, if I had just signed a lease there under the assumption that I’d be living above an ice cream place, I’d be pissed…. I wonder if I could back out and have an argument that I should get my deposit back… since that would have been like 50% of the appeal of the apartment. 😉

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The only other confirmed retail at the moment will be a dry cleaners. I’ll update as more spots fill up.

  • Kudos to Allegro Apartments for throwing a grand opening gala complete with free food and drinks, as well as bringing Thai Thanic and 300 + new people to Columbia Heights. Let’s all go to the party and see what it’s all about. I saw this link from a press release.

  • Is it just me, or do half of these anonymous postings sound like they were posted by people working on behalf of the building? Come on!

  • Good god – that has got to be the cheesiest looking website ever. Looks like a rave flier from 1990. I’m also guessing a bunch of these ‘anon’ posts are somehow ‘connected’ to the building.

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