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  • Yep, I like fire escapes. Love them, in fact, if the building happens to be on fire.

  • I am the same way with bars on windows for some reason. Cant get enough of them. So third worldy…

    On a related note: Anyone ever lived in a corner unit like the ones above? Are they interesting inside, or just a pain to decorate and arrange furniture? I have never been in one, but have always wondered.

  • I realize they are necessary for safety in many buildings; and I will concede that the ones on this particular building look great. However, I actually despise fire escapes from a strictly aesthetic perspective.

    Most of the time they just become rusty and they block the view of the building’s actual facade.

    This is especially true in ‘downtown’ type neighborhoods where all the buildings are connected. The fire escapes remind me of scaffolding and it causes me to subconsciously wonder when the renovation will be done. It screams “I’m rusty, ugly and not finished”

    /end rant

  • @ Jimmy D, I live in a corner, and it’s both awesome and a pain in the ass. There are no right angles (so my bed is always kind of crooked) and it’s weird to try to arrange furniture when there are weird angles and walls and stuff sticking out everywhere. (My place isn’t nice and round, but kind of a squared off corner, if that makes sense; it used to be a corner market with the door on that corner part. The old door is bricked in now, and you access from the side so that corner room is now my bedroom.)

    That said, I like it. I can’t imagine living in a plain square condo box. And, my fireplace is also on an angle in the middle of the living room (again, sort of hard to explain) which is pretty awesome.

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