A Reader Reports on the New Gas Station at Sherman and Harvard


“A week or two ago you wrote about businesses on Sherman Ave and asked if anything could be sustained. The Apex had closed along with Coco Libre across the street. Well I’m glad to report that the gas station has reopened as a Chevron. The gas prices are competitive ($1.99 for regular vs $2.19 at a local BP), they sell real food like milk and eggs cheaper than Giant, a staff on duty all the time and they have been diligent about keeping it clean. I thought you might like to do an update as this is the responsible type of business the community needs to support. Oh, and they still carry salty snacks and cigarettes for those old Apex shoppers, just not as much.”

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  • I’m laughing at the idea that somehow an oil company could be a “responsible type of business”. We all need gas I guess, but it’s a real stretch to say that Chevron is a good neighbor to anyone.

  • I broke down at that gas station about 10 years ago when I was in high school, me and all of my friends in a red convertible on our way to a Luau in hula skirts and bikini tops. it was a much different place!

  • anon @ 5:47: gas stations are not owned by the oil company. They are franchises and they only get a few pennies from the oil company for every gallon of gas sold. They make money off of the sundries they sell.

  • Filled up there yesterday. Used to avoid it because it was sketchy and you couldn’t pay at the pump. Now it’s clean and easy!

  • Well thank God. I always would end up going to this gas station, because I was on empty, and the last few times they were out of gas. Hopefully this whole idea of actually having gas will last a while.

  • No drunks on the corner and no teddy bears tied to the light pole in the median? Is my neighborhood actually changing?

  • It all depends on if the owners/staff are good at keeping the bums and dope boys off the lot and keeping the place clean. If not, it’ll be just like the rest of the crack’n’gas spots in no time. It does look good for now, and the gas is damn cheap. Probably just an introductory low price to get folks to notice, but it worked for me. Putting a whopping 6 gallons in my motorcycle for less than $12 was nice.

  • it’s pretty amazing that the gas station went from an “el cheapo” brand to a name brand. usually, you see that kind of thing happening in the opposite direction.

  • It is very hard for an “el cheapo” independent gas station to stay in business during gas crunches. They’re the last ones who have access to gas to sustain their businesses.

    re:>this is the responsible type of business the community needs to support

    For one: Chevron, a responsible company? They were the second gas station I boycotted years ago.
    I don’t understand everyone’s obsession with national brands versus indie anything. Why do people feel the homogenization of America is a good thing? Don’t you want businesses that differentiate DC from everywhere else? Don’t you want to support someone else’s dream and keep money in the community rather than a huge multinational corporation?

    I’m guessing most people who post on this site moved from outside the city.
    Why the hell do people move in and expect everyone who’s been here for years to go away? I walk through this interesection twice daily and the folks who hang out on this block have never bothered me. Sometimes the elitism of many of the posts on here pukes me out.

  • Binkelsworth: right on! you’ve hit the nail on the head with the elitism.

  • Binklesworth, as “not telling” noted, this is not owned by Chevron, but an independent dealer/ franchisee. This new owner has taken care to make sure the store is well stocked and the business is neat. If you are not a fan of Chevron, you can still support them by buying the more profitable sundry items if you live close by.

    I have lived around the corner for years and tried to support the independent Apex as much as possible. Unfortunately it was difficult as the former management/owners did not seem to think carrying anything beyond cigarettes and lottery tickets was important. Why is supporting a well managed business that caters to real needs of the community elitist?

  • Well perhaps the “real needs” of the community are cigarettes and lottery tickets.

  • needs meaning addictions

  • I loved the Apex. They knew my name, my cigarette brand, my deadly 2am reeses cups habit, my sunday post/2 liter of RC cola sundays…but now this place is up and running like never before. Unfortunately, after a certain time of night, the store itself is locked, and you have to order thru the window. This, while seemingly simple, has proven to be a difficulty for me on many occasions due to the language barriers. I sat and watched as the 5 guys in front of me tried to place a voluminious candybar order, and left after deciding, with the people behind me, that a cup of coffee with cream and sugar was pretty much out of the question. But all in all it’s pretty badass to have a mini-mart 30 feet from my house. Hells yes.
    As far as the guys who hang out on the corner go, they’re good peeps. Not there to bother anyone, just trying to kick it and maybe drink some vodka from plastic dixie cups. They’re not hurting anyone, and have always offered me a friendly hello, how you doing, whassup slim, etc. I see them twice a day on my walk to and from the metro…good folks.

  • I just want to know what an “indie” gas station would be 🙂 I have to say in the case of gas stations, I’m fine with the corporate giants.

  • Cleaner or not, this area is seriously sketchy with a very bad vibe. I missed seeing a kid get gunned down near this corner a couple of years ago by 5 minutes. No thanks!

  • What exactly are the buildings to the North of this station? I believe they are empty. Since there’s a big sunny south-facing stretch of wall, it seems like a logical place for your retired neighborhood alcoholics.

  • that building to the north is a pepco substation. Primo rendezvous point for afternoon drink-ups on the corner. No foot traffic in and out of the building, plenty of stoops and ledges to post up on.

  • Too bad they included a check cashing spot here….that breeds trouble.

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