Woah, What Happened At The New Restaurant/Lounge Policy Tues. Night?

Policy2, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I received a very cryptic email from a reader with these great photos.

The email says:

“appears all clear now”

Anyone know what happened at Policy (14th and T Streets) tonight?

More photos after the jump.



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  • God almighty, it’s i before e except after c so please spell receive correctly. Yes, this is the internet, but really…

  • A hipster had a heart attack because someone walked in wearing jeans that were baggy and they wear listening to Three Doors Down.

  • haha, teacher… i type in all lowercase, use a lot of commas, and do this – … – a lot! i also use emoticons too much, and probably too many exclamation points. my fingers are too big for most key boards, so i usually mangle my typing, and then i dont notice until i look up from the keyboard and see what ive messed up…by then its too late and i say screw it.

    i REALLY look down on people that do the same thing though. i hate me!!! :(:(:(:(

  • That’s a shame! Btw, what’s the corner building next to Policy? Is that part of it?

  • i am a neighbor of policy and have been hearing a whining noise followed by a lound bang noise periodically coming from their roof. it would happen every 15 minutes for hours and then just stop. it sounds like small explosions. when i told them what i was hearing they said a bunch of people warned them about it… it didn’t seem like they were really concerned… then this happened. might be related?

  • I send a big gold star and a happy face sticker to PoP for going back and correcting his mistake. He is so smart and such a good listener…

  • Ha! we saw the guy taking pics and said- i betcha it will be on POP tomorrow. 🙂

    We were at Policy finishing up dinner (a very mediocre dinner- if I say so myself). The hostess comes up to us, and tells us we all need to get up and leave. She also says, we will sort out the bill LATER! (after all this clears up)

    If the wait staff were not as nice as they were, we would have seriously considered leaving and disappearing into the U street crowds. Comp meal from POLICY. But the cute waiter and our OBAMA-conscience would not let us. We left them cash instead.

  • A friend and I were there last night and were evacuated for a minor fire. We didn’t smell or see anything though. PS…Food was not very good 🙁

  • Apparently an A/C unit on the second floor caught fire. Amazingly they didn’t evacuate the dining room for awhile after.

  • A to the G– the food’s not goo? PUH! i’m going there tom and was planning on eating well, drinking well, and being merry…hopefully the chef’s on his game…i wonder if i could slip him some money BEFORE he made my food.

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