Wine, Beer and Now Frozen Yogurt Too!


I spotted this sign outside 1813 Columbia Road, NW in Adams Morgan near the Blockbuster. Despite the title of the post I do not believe it is affiliated with the bodega next door. I don’t believe it’s open yet, but from the looks of it the opening should be soon. I wonder if they’ll be able to compete with the cool looking Caliyogurt on 18th street a couple blocks away?

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  • wine, beer and yogurt – the three basic food groups.

  • I too just noticed this yogurt place the other day (yeah, their storefront could use some work). It’s called O Yeah and it is definitely open. On the plus side it is over $1 cheaper than Caliyogurt and it also tastes pretty good (nice and tangy). The consistency is a bit off though – by time I was halfway done it had already started melting. Nice to have options though!

  • Actually, it is the same ownership as Todito – really nice people, by the way.

  • Yeah that place has been open a couple months now…its kind of weirdly situated but it is cheaper than caliyogurt.

  • O yeah has limited flavors, as in origional and honeydew. Origional is ok, but as noted, the consistency is off (a bit crunchy) and it melts quickly. The honeydew tastes completely artificial and gross.

    While it’s a buck cheaper, if you’re going to consume the calories you better like what you’re eating and from my perspective Caliyogurt and Tangysweet are the best options in DC.

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