What’s Your Favorite Warm Weather Beer?

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One of the things I love most about running this blog is randomly meeting readers. So on my walkabout this Saturday a couple of readers said hello as I was wandering around the edges of Shaw. What was even cooler was that they offered me a beer on the spot. They claimed Dominion Spring Buck is one of the greatest beers. It has honey, chamomile and orange peels and clocks in at a nearly 8% alcohol level. Nice. Sadly, I had a huge walk left and was unable to accept the beer.

But it got me thinking, what is the best warm weather beer?

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  • abita pecan harvest! yum! i had it in nola last october…warm day lots of walking on magazine st… what a delicious afternoon break. unfortunately, i can’t seem to find it around here 🙁

  • I love love love “Summer Honey” from the Big Sky Brewery (mostly known for “Moose Drool” ), in Missoula, MT. It’s not the easiest to find on this side of the country, but it’s around… I’ve even bought it from Giant a few times.

  • Brad, have you ever seen Moose Drool for sale around here. I had it in Montana in ’06 and have been looking for it ever since…

  • Samuel Adams Summer Ale…without a doubt

  • I’m a huge fan of Brooklyn Brewery’s Pennant Ale. Nice and breezy, yet somehow still full of flavor.

  • Bell’s Oberon. Axis on U Street has had it on tap in the past.

  • Great meeting you the other day. I owe you a beer.

  • I’m kinda liking Blue Moon’s Rising Moon! It has a nice hint of lime.

  • I second Chris in Eckington with the Oberon by Bell’s. I’ve seen it on tap a number of places, including Pete’s Apizza. I can’t get enough of it. But when I do stray, I go for Pilsner Urquell and Miller High Life. Mmm, Oberon. Summer is my least favorite season, but the Oberon makes it tolerable!

  • Any wheat will do, I like Boulevard from my home state of Missouri (can’t get it out here). But Hoegaarden and Leinie’s Sunset Wheat work too.

  • I’m kind of a cliche, I just go for a good Belgian white once it’s warm out. And I’m even more of a cliche for loving Delerium. I’m always open to more interesting options though, and once had a nice apricot flavored beer that I thought worked well for spring, but of course I’ve forgotten the name of the brewery/beer.

  • Molson Golden. Hands down the best beer to drink on a warm day. No frills, but damn if it doesn’t get the job done. I like the microbrews, but I save them for when the weather is cold. Once it starts to heat up, give me the cheap stuff – for I have only two things on my mind: cool refreshment and BAC.

  • To hell with “seasons”…

    Guinness in the winter.
    Guinness in the summer.
    Sam Smith’s nut brown ale as well.

    They are omniseasonal. At least at Intangible HQ.

    Suddenly quite thirsty…

  • Domestic: Southern Tier Gemini Pale Ale
    Import: Staropramen (Czech Pilsner)


  • omg, have very fond memories of drinking huge glasses of German wheat beer with lemon at Wonderland and sitting out on the patio. Don’t even know what kind. But so delicious…happy summer will be here again soon!

  • While, in a more snobbish time of my life, I would have exclaimed the many virtues of a delicious Harpoon UFO on a sunny day, I now have found sunny-day-beer-drinkin’ nirvana in ice-cold Budweiser. There is no better summer day beer, and can be consumed with much delight from either can or bottle.

  • Hook and Ladder’s Golden Ale

  • Either a super hoppy IPA or, if you’re going downscale, an ICE cold Coors or High Life. I never thought the day would come when i’d cheer for Coors, but when you’re hot and working outdoors during the summer, a cold Coors just does it.

  • Miller High Life in a bottle with lime and salt. Indistinguishable from Corona and a lot cheaper.

  • I’m going with a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale every time. Just too good.

  • “I had a huge walk” “I was unable to accept the beer”

    HUH?? Road sodas rule!!

  • @ Brew Dude – I too am from MO and I miss Boulevard (go kc).

    But UFO is a nice replacement.

  • Got to be, got to be Sam Summer, although I agree that I will never complain about a high life

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