What the Helen of Troy is This? Vol. 5

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A reader sent me an email that there was a bubble gum tree on 18th Street outside of Julia’s Empandas and suggested it might be a good Helen of Troy feature. I was so intrigued I headed over to 18th Street from 1st and R. And I’m glad I did. This is truly insane. Part of me thinks it is awesome and part of me thinks it’s rather foul. I suppose it’s an attempt at art? I think I’d be cooler with it if it was on a lamppost as I have a strong affinity for trees. What do you guys think?


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  • It hasn’t reached the fully nasty level that the old ‘gum tree’ outside of Ford’s Theater downtown got to [is that still even there?]. 18th St. can get a lot worse than this – ever venture down at around 3:30am on a weekend?

  • If you ever walk through Post Alley in Seattle, you’ll be firmly in the absolutely foul camp.

  • There’s another gum tree in Penn Quarter. Gross, but you’d rather have this stuff on the sidewalk where you can step in it? Particularly fun on a hot summer day when the gum gets all melty.

    You could get rid of this nastiness tomorrow with a confiscatory snack tax, but what’s the likelihood of that happening? About as likely as a bottle bill or Jim Graham learning how to park.

  • makes me think of lines at amusement parks.
    at least Great Adventure and Action Park, the ones where i grew up.

  • The difference between this thing and gum tree at Ford’s Theatre is that this just popped up one weekend so it wasn’t like one person did it and then everyone followed along. This was done on purpose. Which seems pretty obvious when you look at it.

  • the tree outside Ford’s is because the busloads of schoolkids that visit there aren’t allowed to chew gum in the theatre, and so they “dispose” of it on the tree. it’s now tradition.

  • There used to be a gum tree at my alma malter. Chewing gum wasn’t allowed in class, so students would put their gum on the tree.

    However, that doesn’t really give a lot of insight for this tree.

  • Is that actually all gum? and if it is those are some small pieces.

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