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  • Awww. Bucket dirt hugs are so cute

  • I would say they have a pet pygmy goat, and they don’t what it eating the bark. What other explanation could there be?

  • Maybe there were exposed roots that they wanted to cover, or the side offshoots were drooping needing propping up. The bucket is cut down the side and wrapped around.

  • Or, it’s to keep dogs’ urine off the bark (as in tree bark, not woof bark).

  • I’m with Pennywise. I think the tree wasn’t planted deeply enough, so the bucket was put there to protect the exposed root. A youngish tree will really suffer if it’s not planted deeply enough, but if it survives the first decade, it’ll be ok. I think.

  • It looks like they are grafting those branches onto the trunk. The dirt aids in the process.

  • Grafting

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