What The Helen of Troy is This? Vol. 2

DSCN7398, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Wild, yeah? This is a seemingly normal fence with two clear plastic bubbles toward the bottom. The only thing that I could possibly think of was maybe to give some pets a view? Any ideas?


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  • i think you may be right. this sounds familiar, i think i may have read something about it at some point – wracking my brain (sp?)

  • That’s exactly right. Pet Portholes. I saw those for sale in Skymall and erupted into hysterics on an otherwise quiet flight. But yes, they’re for pets to look around (apparently helps with depression).

  • holy sh*t anonymous that’s right! That’s where I read about it. nice catch.

  • I would love to get one for my dog but we have a brick wall. It really freaks her out to hear noise and not know where it is coming from.

  • BoingBoing covered these not to long ago (I love the picture!)

    The Pets’ Observation Poodle from Hammacher Schlemmer. Nine inches wide and 5″ deep, it gives “the inquisitive canine,” which is cataloguese for “dog,” a panoramic view of things at which to bark.

    Hammacher Schlemmer suggests lining several of these $30 domes around the perimeter of your yard, to allow your pet an unrestricted view of interesting places it cannot go.

  • Oh my god, yes. I saw those in the sky mall catalog on a flight over the summer and it was the funniest thing I’d seen all day. I get excited about going on flights now just because of sky mall. It’s damned entertaining.

  • Those are observation portholes that the kids use to pick their targets for all the rock throwing.

  • Ah skymall…

    “At last…A deep fryer with an AM/FM radio!,”
    “Burglers beware! This ‘burly man’ yard ornament keeps families safe!”
    “Finally…mini doughnuts for your cat!”

  • I’ve seen that fence. What tipped me off to their purpose was the distinctive nose-smudges on the insides of the bubbles.

    And don’t knock skymall… I got one of the best birthday presents ever from there– the Aerogarden– a full year before it hit the Today Show and made every “top gift” list.

  • Just take your dog for a freakin’ walk instead of locking them in the backyard all day and maybe you won’t need these things!

  • I love that they are at two different heights….maybe they have one small dog and one big dog? or maybe it’s so the pooch has a view either laying down or standing up? either way, my dog is jealous.

  • That’s my backyard, and those little observation portholes are for the 3 doggies that live there!

  • Puppies in space! This makes me want them. And a fence to put them in. And a puppy to use them.

  • Portholes for doggie viewing pleasure is not indicative of neglected dogs, Trubs. Quite the opposite, it is further indication of how very, very spoiled these dogs are. Trust me.

  • Hey Trubs …. We get walked 2x’s a day …. one time by a dog walker to make sure we get walked …. and often times running around for an hour in Rock Creek Park, so please don’t think we don’t get walked. in fact, our owner told us that he’s going to put in more portholes because there are 3 of us now. And who knows when the UPS truck and that man in the brown uniform will show up. We’ve got to keep an eye on him.

    – Maya, Millie & Lucy

  • Definitely pet windows. My parents have little windows covered with chicken wire in their fence for the same purpose. Lets the dogs see who’s walking down the alley.

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