Uh Oh, One Less Option For Crepes


After seeing this spot on Calvert Street in Woodley Park back in September, I asked where was the best spot to get crepes in the city? Alas, I guess folks weren’t ordering enough crepes here. Or this spot at 2311 Calvert Street might be cursed as it seems to change businesses every 6 months to a year since the video store went out of business. Maybe it should become a wine bar…

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  • Damn, i never even noticed.

  • Wow, that was fast. The adjacent Afghan Grill seems to have been there a while.

  • Its been closed for months. Anyone know if it was any good when it was open?

  • saf

    I’m pretty sure that, with a small break in there while the owners were out of the country, Afghan Grill has been there since I was an undergrad. And dudes, that’s been a while.

  • I tried it – and it wasnt that great – so I personally dont think its a big loss. Actually, went about 3 times after it opened to try and get a crepe, but every time I went in their crepe machine was down. So I never got to taste their crepes. As for their paninis- luke warm sandwich on a sub roll that was clearly smooshed down – and not by a panini press. Certainly wont miss this place too much…

  • Tried to go for crepes once. Looked dirty and cheap (not the good kind), walked right back out.

  • I studied there a couple of times. They had free wifi and it was generally cheap, but the atmosphere kind of sucked. They could’ve done alot more with the place.. to me it was obvious that it was going to go out of business pretty quickly, even without the whole economic downturn.

  • Why is it so hard to find decent food in Woodley Park? Open City is just about the only reliable option. I realize that most of these restaurants cater primarily to tourists who will almost certainly never be back, so they can get away with being less than mediocre. But lots of people actually live in the neighborhood, and I’m sure they’d appreciate some decent dining options as well.

  • Ron, I would disagree with your assessment that “Open City” is the only good restaurant in Woodley. The Indian places (there are several) are all quite good, and the aforementioned Afghan place on Calvert is tasty as well.

    And isn’t Lebanese Taverna in Woodley? That place is da bomb.

  • The Indian places in Woodley!? Are you kidding me!? I’d rather have Tasty Bite than eat at one of those joints.

  • More importantly, I don’t think there are any little corner grocery places in Woodley. I can think of at least three off the top of my head within a few blocks of 18 & Columbia. Not a place to get fresh produce or even most of one’s groceries, but what a pain to have to schlep many blocks if you happened to forget one ingredient for your dinner or something.

  • I’d add Tono Sushi, Mr. Chens and Chipotle to the list of places worth eating in Woodley Park. The strip could definitely use some TLC, though. And it seems like that Long and Foster building on the corner is way underdeveloped for such a big intersection.

  • Open City is perhaps the single most overrated restaurant in the greater DC area. i have never had a decent meal there, and yet people keep raving about it. and the decibel level is louder than a junior high cafeteria.

    Mr. Chen’s is excellent. When i lived in Adams Morgan, i used to grab food there quite often. always fresh, well-prepared food, and they delivered! Afghan Grill–great food, and extremely sweet owners. and Medaterra used to be one of my favorite restaurants in DC, but the last few meals i ate there were not so great; not sure what happened to them.

    oh, and there is a little “corner grocery” in Woodley Park, only it’s not at a corner. i think it’s called Manhattan Market, directly across Conn Ave from the metro entrance. Surprisingly decent selection of basic groceries, upscale frozen dinners, wine, etc. another thing i miss from my AM days…

  • This place was so DOA. I went in Cafe de Paris once when it was new and ordered a crepe. I was told the crepe machine was coming next week. I had an extremely weak pastry or something instead and never went back. I don’t think there ever was a crepe machine in there and my sense is the owner’s heart just wasn’t into doing that kind of work. It was closed a lot right from the start.

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