U Street Gets DC Noodles


This is the spot at 1410 U Street where Simply Home used to be. Anyone try it out yet? Anyone know if this is a chain? It looks promising. Though I did see a super odd mural from the window.


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  • I ate there Saturday evening – good food, outstanding service, but the atmosphere was a bit “modern” Asian bland and cafeteria -like.

  • LOL, you just know that someone is going to get offended by that picture of the Chinaman and little boy on the wall and raise a fuss about it.

  • Yeah that offends the f**k out of me, but I’ll get over it if the food’s good.

  • Food is quite good. A mix of noodles with a number of different soups, sauces, and curry. They’ve got staples of the “pan asian” palette also. Service was really very good for a new place as well. Prices are not terrible, but it’s not a cheapie noodle bar either.

  • Nope not a chain. It’s the same owners, they re-imagined the space. I found the food goodish, pretty much on par with the quality of Simply Home. The change actually happened in late January/early February. I wrote more about my thoughts on my blog a few weeks ago.

  • It looks practically the same as before. Half restaurant, half retail. Its such an odd combination. Both spaces were almost too small to have any substance and their connectedness seemed awkward. Restaurant-goers were unlikely to stop and shop before or afterward, and shoppers were almost intruding on diner’s meals.

    But I will certainly give it a try myself and I wish the owners the best of luck.

  • As a hyphenated-American person-of-gender, I’m offended by many things: vulgar mudflaps, split infinitives, obese people in thong bikinis. However, I find the caricature of the heathen Chinee and child rather mild. Anyway, if someone does raise a stink, they could just put some eyes on them, add a couple meatballs, and make him an Italian.

  • I have ate at DC Noodles and received delivery from them as well. I like the food, it’s decent, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit over-priced. For example in the hot noodle soup you get meatballs, but no pieces of meat. Regardless I will still get delivery from them when I’m wanting something other than pizza.

    About the mural, it werided me out a bit (i’m half asian). The whole taking back control over negative imagery of ones race (if that was their intention, i dunno) i get.. but for me it was a bit off putting as I thought about other cultures serving dishes indicative of their culture and using negative imagery stereotypes for decoration. You know, like Cracker Barrel.

  • I found the picture mildly offensive. However, I found Anon 6:19’s use of the term “Chinaman” much more offensive.

  • Cracker Barrel’s gone way downhill. I liked it better when it was “Peckerwood’s Gutbucket and Old Timey Honkeytonk.”

  • a lot of companies have a stylized image or logo or mascot or caricature. im guessing the owners are asian? i think its great. and the food is good too…and no i dont work there…

  • These the the same owners as Rice and I believe they are Thai, for what ever that matters.

  • @Steve

    So it’s okay for Thai people make fun of Chinese people, cause they’re basically all the same anyway?

    Bottomline is the “conscious” asian crowd isn’t strong enough in DC to raise any sort of a stink, so it’ll be the effete latte sipping, john stewart watching, and blog reading denizens of NW to raise a stink. And that’ll happen if and only if the food is decent enough for them to return to U-Street.

  • Ate there with a buddy a few days ago. The noodles were really quite good, although our appetizer sucked. I would go back just for the noodles, but blittle is right. It’s too pricey for noodles. Ignoring the price, I enjoyed it. But you’re basically eating fancy ramen (ala Wagamama, although that will be better when it arrives in Penn Quarter), but paying out the nose for it. What would have been great is a real noodle house. Or something like Bob’s Noodle 66 in Rockville. Oh well. In the future, I’ll probably just go get pho at my dive pho place in Chinatown.

  • @Russell Is the name of the place Pho Sizzle? HAHAHAHHA!

    Seriously though, I cannot wait for Wagamama either. But unless they do delivery, I will still do DC Noodles for delivery.

  • We’ve eaten there twice since the changeover to DC Noodle. We were very pleased with the quality of both the meal-size soups and the wok-prepared noodle dishes. The glassware used is quite cool. Prices are reasonable (and are a good deal cheaper than when the restaurant was “Simply Home Cuisine”). It’s proven a good alternative to the Sala Thai in the Ellington, which while offering quick service and moderate pricing, too often serves overly-sweet Thai food.

  • So returning to the mural:

    From: Washington Post

    Using Your Noodle Wisely

    By Tom Sietsema
    Wednesday, April 1, 2009; Page F03

    The guy smiling down from the wall at DC Noodles looks a lot like Pollert, so much so that a diner sitting at the bar one night poses the question to the restaurateur. “Is that supposed to be you?”

    Pollert laughs, shakes his head and calls it a coincidence. “I don’t have a mustache!”


  • It’s a great little noodles place! The newer menu is a bit more accessible, too. Glad to see that the place seems to be getting more business, since it would be a shame for good restaurants like this not to succeed. Don’t quite get the retail side, the framed exotic bugs kinda freak me out.

  • Great food and perfect for vegans/vegetarians. Seems like we go about once a week.

  • Good place, pretty typical pan-Asian menu. I’ve only been there once but would go again since I live around the corner.

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