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Last week I mistakenly thought this spot, next to Marvin’s on 14th Street and U, was going to become Patty Boom Boom. I was corrected that I had originally posted the correct location of the future Patty Boom Boom around the corner at 1359 U Street. So, I did a little digging and got an unconfirmed report of what the above may become. A very reliable source tells me – a 24 hour diner! Again this is unconfirmed. But wow, I think a 24 hour diner in that spot would be ridiculously awesome and surely ridiculously crowded. Let’s hope it’s true.

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  • my neighborhood just keeps getting better and better! thanks PoP!

  • Will it be run by the Tryst/Diner/Open City folks?

  • I have always said that if I wanted to work that hard, the smart money was on a late-night restaurant in the bar district.

    Awesome news.

  • as someone who gets up on the weekends around 6:30 am please, please let this be a 24 hour diner!!!

  • Shouldn’t be that hard to find out for sure. They are gonna need a whole lot more than building permits for a food establishment so you could easily find out what’s going on in the location.

  • Yay! this is great news… especially since Ben’s has become impenetrable lately and I’m in need of a new late night go-to-for-grease.

  • Great, if it happens.
    I remember years back saying that the old State of the Union space was going to become a diner and that never happened. Then again last year with the space across 14th Street from Saint-Ex and that fell through as well.
    All I want is a good bagel in the neighborhood!

  • great! not nearly enough 24 hour places in DC!

  • Great. I work across the street and there are NOT ENOUGH lunch spots on U Street. A kebab place (average), Greek Spot on 11th (surprisingly good), and Ben’s (great and all, but can’t live on Ben’s alone. Fast food is crap, so that doesn’t count.

  • Thank god. I love 24 hour diners and I get annoyed having to go to Silver Spring or VA for a good one. Let’s hope this pans out…!

  • Too bad this won’t happen due to problematic negotiations. . .what’s up with this prime space at 14th and U?

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