Shooting Last Sunday at 13th and Belmont

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“why hasn’t anyone covered the shooting on Belmont St NW between 13th and 14th that occurred on Sunday afternoon? I haven’t seen it on my google reader, on which I read DCist, PoP, and the Post.”

I have received this question from a number of readers. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t post about it. I have mentioned in the past that I don’t like to overwhelm readers with crime stories because I think it skews the actual reality of certain neighborhoods. Having said that, since it was a shooting on a Sunday afternoon, I should’ve posted about it. To be honest, I found out about it after I had already done my postings for that evening. But since so many folks have inquired, here is a belated update.

From a Councilmember Jim Graham email:

“MPD officers (who were in the area on patrol) chased a juvenile suspect and grabbed him after shots were fired on the 1300 block of Belmont, about 7:15 PM Sunday night. An adult male was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital. He was conscious and breathing. Police also seized a 40 caliber handgun in the area of where the youth was running.”

However a reader followed up with a time correction:

“it was 4:45. I know because my roommate was having a conversation about the time when the shots were fired.”

It’s pretty terrifying that youths are shooting 40 caliber handguns (or any handguns for that matter). I apologize for the belated post.

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  • Forty caliber pistols are a pretty obscure caliber; halfway between a 9mm and .45. Not easy to find ammunition, so it’s almost definitely a stolen firearm. Dealers almost exclusively use 9mms. It’s a shame since that stretch of 13th has been pretty quiet, has a great view of the city, and makes for a more harass-free walk to U Street than 14th.

  • lets hope this “juvenile suspect” spends a couple decades in prison.

    of course he’ll probably plea out of any jail time

  • Again, what is going on in this city, with so many juveniles running around with guns it’s amazing the city hasn’t erupted into complete anarchy. The laws related to prosecuting young violent offenders, and especially the laws related to informing the community of who the young violent offenders are and where they live, really needs to be changed. We have a sex offender registry, who not a youth violent offender registry?

  • Monkey, the the .40 is not an obscure caliber. It’s on the standard issue/allowed list for a lot of federal law enforcement and the rounds are available at any gun store. Glock, Sig, HK, all have several .40 cal options. Any gun dealer in VA or MD that sells semi-auto pistols will have dozens of .40 for sale. But you are right about that stretch of 13th, nice are. I live two blocks up from there on 13th. Now a Sig .357, that’s a much more obscure caliber…

  • Someone didn’t change their clock over for daylight savings time. I live across the street, and was on my couch in the window watching the end of the Duke-Carolina game when the shooting happened at about 5:45. The gentleman who was shot in the arm is my next door neighbor- he was sitting out on his front steps, enjoying the weather.

  • scared of young punk thugs – see this in the post –

    I guess the complicating issue is the fact that because this morons are minors, the data is sealed. If I were king for a day, I would suggest that if you get caught with a gun, you should be considered an adult in the eyes of the las.

  • Yeah, I’d like to see DC use it’s stimulus money to double the number of prison beds for thugs like this. I’d also love to see (in my dreams) a sensible 3-strikes law – if you commit three violent felonies you are given an automatic life sentence.

  • How did they get that gun? Don’t they know semi pistols are machine guns in DC and illegal? Its like criminals and thugs don’t even pay attention to the ban on guns or something…well at least the law abiding citizens are unarmed…I feel safer already.

  • I can see why this one would be lost in the carnage, 14 year old Arthur Daniels was murdered the night before, and 4 people were shot at a prayer vigil a day or two after. To the newsies this is rather low key comparatively. My guess is the youngster is already back on the streets, and rearmed, and the next round may be in the works.

  • i am just shocked and appalled that this youth would ignore the dc gun ban

  • I just rolled past 15th and Columbia Rd about an hour ago and MPD was pulling a big-a** gun off some guy they had pulled over. It’s gonna be a long and bloody summer…

  • belmontmedina

    just curious, but your neighbor that was shot….is your impression of him as an innocent bystander or someone that might have a reason to have shots fired at him? I mean, enjoying the weather one day, jacking up folks on another day??

  • “My guess is the youngster is already back on the streets, and rearmed, and the next round may be in the works.”

    Incredibly sad and unfortunately likely true. The being that killed Arthur Davis (murdered while walking with his church youth group for the unpardonable sin of not answering the question “what neighborhood are you from”) was on release pending disposition of TWO criminal charges, including one for gun possession. Forget about mandatory minimums, anyone arrested on a gun possession charge should be kept locked up until the charge is resolved. And if you are released pending disposition of a charge, an arrest for any other charge should be an automatic ticket to jail.

  • Definitely a bystander. The kid was close enough that if he wanted to actually shoot him, he could easily have done so- he was just across the street. Also, I believe (not sure) it was a flesh wound to the side of the arm- he definitely was with it enough to talk to the paramedics and take off his shirt to show them the injury. There was a car that peeled off right before the shooting started as well, but I have no idea if the driver just saw the kid and was getting out of the way, or if he/she/they were involved.

  • I’m always a little amused by folks interested in whether the victim of a shooting is the intended target or not. Do people generally feel better [or just less worse] if it’s NOT a bystander? Like their chances of being hit as an innocent bystander is therefore decreased? It’s not like in the movies where bullets hit a person or car and just stop in them. I mean, people do know bullets can go through multiple bodies, ricochet, etc, and that these kids generally aren’t aiming but using the ‘spray-and-pray’ method of trying to hit their guy right?

  • I think the thugs are such lousy shots that many of us wonder if they are actually shooting at somebody, or just shooting up a block. Both instances seem to happen, and I am often curious as to which is which.

  • A 40 cal. DAMN these kids are upping the ante on the firepower! I wonder how a juvie could afford a gun that likely runs 600+ on the street?

    JM, haven’t you been reading the news in California? 3 strike laws failed miserably there. All it did was swell the prison rolls. It won’t solve the problem of juveniles having the means to afford a 40 cal and the willingness to use it.

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