Ridiculously Awesome Album Cover of the Week

bus, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This beauty was sent in by a reader. This is the same reader who sent in this gem. I dare you to look at this cover without laughing. Impossible.

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  • In brilliant monophonic sound no less!

  • Monophonic? That is quite a selling point!

  • but there are five of them…….

  • Six if you count the brother stuck driving the bus!

  • Between roughly 1957 and 1969 most new LPs were produced in both stereo on mono versions. The reason the covers highlighted the mono vs. stereo recording was that some mono record players, and specifically the needles on those players, could not play stereo records without physically damaging the grooves of the records. Therefore, a record buyer with a mono record player either needed to be sure he purchased a mono record or that his mono record player had a needle that could play stereo records without damaging them. Some record covers from stereo records of the era include dire warnings against playing them on mono players without the correct needs, lest the records be permanently damaged.

  • And where exactly are those microphones plugged in? A pine tree? A rock?

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