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photo, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Oh man, this one is super sweet. It has it all – it’s blue, has cool wood, interesting door knocker, wild hinges and handle and some fresh porch lights. Well done. The reader found it on R Street in Dupont.

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  • years ago I noticed that house while on an informal drinking and walking tour I was conducting for a group of colleagues who’d moved here from various parts of the country to work (as I was) for Close Up. The owner saw us checking it out and invited us in for a little history.

    The house was originally built by Samuel “Morse Code” Morse doe his son Edward. If you look at the himges you can see the “E” and “M” in the very cool Arts and Crafts hinges.

    The house is not too big inside, though it was done up very nicely including a rooftop deck with Jacuzzi and a serious kitchen. The main feature of the interior is that roughly the entire back third of the house was only one story high (which is why the interior is small) and roofed in glass. Edward was an artist (I seem to recall Samuel dabbled at a relatively high level, as well) and so the house was built to ensure plenty of light in what was probably as much a studio as a residence.

    The other cool feature of the house was a ladder that went from the closet in the master bedroom down to the kitchen. I still can’t figure out what point there was to that, but figured that it would be really cool — on the morning after a first night spent with a new “friend” to duck into the closet “to get my bathrobe” and then reappear moments later, walking through the door, with champagne and two (or more!) crystal flutes.

  • without knowing the history the hinges kinda look like arty penises

  • that is one sweet door knocker, i love the tree!!!

  • I didn’t know there were any swingers left! i picture Irving Streete as having a shag rug, mirrored ceiling and Barry White records. love it!

  • All I see is a big ad for guns. Guns. Guns. It definitely looks nice, if you like guns.

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