Reader Request Based on GGW/BeyondDC Post – Should Metro Stops Be Renamed?

Image courtesy of BeyondDC and Greater Greater Washington 

“PoP, the following was posted on GGW (Greater Greater Washington) and BeyondDC this morning — I thought you might be interested in posting a thread to ask people for their thoughts on whether the Petworth Metro should be renamed, and if so, what the new name should be (Tivoli East? j/k!):

GGW writes:

“It seems a good time to look at the whole system. The map below illustrates a possible station renaming scheme. In some cases I renamed stations that are too long, or have too many acronyms attached at the end. In other cases I renamed to focus on a specific neighborhood or landmark. Where possible I’ve tried to stick to the two word maximum, but in a case or two have gone to three.”

I think it’s a brilliant question to ponder. They have suggested the Petworth-Georgia Ave. metro be renamed Park View. There are some other interesting suggestions like, upper northwest and beltway north among others. Personally, I’d be crushed if Petworth lost its name… Any metro names you’d like to change?

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  • Do not change, at least not as a sweeping plan. Renaming a few here and there might be ok.

  • I could see renaming it “Petworth-Parkview” or “Parkview-Petworth,” since it kind of sits on the North/South border between the two neighborhoods [commence argument about where the Petworth/Parkview border actually is].

    I’m happy to dump the Georgia Ave designation though.

  • this is why the Metro cant afford to run trains at reasonable intervals..

    these asshats spend all their effort on changing station names every 6 months.

    F*&K The metro.

    BTW- I love it when the train stops and then pulls up like 17inches.
    THANK YOU CONDUCTOR that 17 inches really made any difference in all passengers lives and it also annoys the SH!T out of everyone and makes tourists fall.

    F@$K the metro.

  • Seriously.. because the first thing i see when I come out of the Georgia avenue petworth is a view of a FU%King PARK!


    But I do love that the yellow line goes to MT vernon DURING RUSH HOUR but to fort totten at 11 pm when there is like 4 people on the metro

    F@$K the metro.

  • I’m not sure the exact neighborhood borders .. but isn’t the West metro exit (under the new apartments) actually the Park View sub-neighborhood and the East exit is Petworth? Maybe the name: Petworth/Park View is more descriptive than using Georgia Ave. (which covers a large area in the city). Although Petworth/Park View sounds bad acoustically.

  • Ahem. GGW is Girls Gone Wild. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

  • the petworth metro is not in park view. can drop the georgia avenue designation- which is particularly annoying because it is the first name, even though most refer to it as Petworth. i agree with dropping names off a lot of the metro names- u st-cardozo-african american civil war memorial-wtf. if you want to visit something obscure like the african american civil war memorial, can’t you look up where it is? also don’t like the adams morgan-woodley park-national zoo. it is not close to adams morgan- if you are coming from green/yellow, you would go to the columbia heights stop for adams morgan. and when going to the zoo, it’s easier to metro to cleveland park and walk down connecticut than walk uphill from woodley park.

    a lot of these changes seem unnecessary. i particularly don’t agree with changing the names of the end of the line.

  • i like Petworth/Parkview

  • WMATA is broke. They cant waste money on something like this. They have more important issues to worry about, like getting an escalator working quicker than 4 months.

  • Love the concept but the last thing I want is tourists even more confused in the Metro…. They already are so annoyingly stupid on the escalators. “When do I get off for the Verizon Center?” is not something I want to answer 5 times a day!

  • Meh.

    All this is going to do if something like this happens is for people to use the old station names instead of the new ones as a way of proving how cool and DC they are.

  • Changing the names to the nearest intersection would be much more descriptive and more easily understood not just by locals but by the thousands of tourists who try to navigate the system every year, as it is a more universal naming method.

    The “u-street/cardoza/african war memorial” name is ridiculously long.

  • I don’t think it would be a bad idea to rename some of the stops. Especially the ones with long, hyphenated, slashed names. Tourists and residents alike would get used to the changes. (After much bitching and whining, of course)

  • I would love to rename some of the stops and get rid of these long worthless names (I don’t really agree with all the GGW choices, though), but, unfortunately, your Ward 1 representative, Mr. Jim Graham, would throw such a hissy fit, that this is never going to happen. He is the one responsible for all of these long names. He has never seen a metro stop that he hasn’t thought would benefit from adding 2 more descriptive names to, and I, for one, am fed up with spending limited resources on such idiotic renamings. So to both Mr. Graham and GGW, THANKS BUT NOT THANKS. SPEND OUR MONEY MORE WISELY ELSEWHERE.

  • who would pay for all of this.

  • While technically the metro stop is not in Park View, I like sharing the name as the stop is right on the border. The problem I have with the current name is that its a street/neighborhood combo, so everyone assumes the stop is the epicenter of Petworth and thinks they’re in Petworth when the cross the street to the south. The stop is actually in the extreme southeast corner of Petworth, which makes the current stop name somewhat misleading.

  • Everyone always says the names are to help tourists or people unfamiliar with the system. Does that mean we get the dumb ones and NYC gets the smart ones? Or are they just cruel and heartless to the lost famlies of Iowa?

  • Is it just me, or did BeyondDC/GGW surreptitiously rename the “Takoma” metro as “Tacoma?”

    I know PoP loves his Taco Bell, but that’s a bit much.

  • From what I understand (from the whole National Airport/Reagan National Airport situation) Metro doesn’t have much to do with the names – it it the jurisdiction of the station who wants the rename and has to pay for all the costs associated with it.

    I definitely think some names need to be shortened (I hate the U St full name) and getting rid of school acronyms would be nice but all the universities in Northern Virginia wouldn’t stand for their acronyms would get the shaft and since they are the biggest offender in that area I can’t imaging they would love that. Some of them don’t make sense – Independence East??? You come out of the metro and see Stadium Armory. Potomac Circle? why bother it’s Potomac. Indiana Plaza – WTF? you come out at the Archives and Navy Memorial – that would be confusing to tourists.

    Capitol Hill is OK but the D St SW is a bit weird.

  • I am actually amused by the poor sappy tourists. This system is not that complicated. They should learn it before they get on. I took the time to figure out the T, NY Subway, and Munich U and S Bahn before I got on. These baffons should do the same.

  • the beyonddc guy said on greater greater washington that the takoma spelling was just a mistake.

  • It is unfair that the stations in the suburbs aren’t named to recognize all the surrounding entities. Shady Grove-Derwood-North Rockville-South Gaithersburg-Sam Eig-CarMax-County Recycling Facility as the “last and final” station on the Red Line would empower the entire community.

  • This is kind of silly.

    What the hell is Parkview? Is there even a park near that metro station? Most people don’t even agree on neighborhood boundaries. The Petworth metro is actually in Petworth, and only about 150 feet from the northwest boundary of Columbia Heights, so if anything CoHi North would be more appropriate. But really I see no problem with leaving it as Petworth.

    Upper northwest instead of the highly descriptive “Van Ness/UDC”?… That’s not really upper northwest. At all. Actually the northern tip of NW is about four miles farther north. On the other hand it is UDC and Van Ness. Makes no sense.

    Really, this is pointless. We are all familiar with the existing names. What problem exactly is this trying to solve?

  • I believe that American University paid over a million dollars to have its name added to the Tenleytown stop. So perhaps WMATA would just auction off the naming rights, like stadiums. (‘Scuse me– stadia.) Business associations and really rich individuals could get in on the action. I look forward to telling folks to take the green line and get off at “Dan”. (PoP, that’s for when the pro-blogging thing takes off.)

    Metro stop names need to be short and descriptive. Not sure it’s worth a sweeping change to reach that goal, but the practice of slashing and hyphenating stop names to include every point of interest in a half-mile radius must be stopped.

  • Renaming would be stupid and expensive. Part of the long names is to make it easier for tourists/visitors to know what’s at any given metro stop. That’s why Woodley Park also says “Zoo” and “Adams Morgan,” because those are the biggest attractions. I’ve noticed they’re changing some names to be more literal about the location yet other changes remove any reference to the place – what’s with changing Forest Glen to the ridiculous “Beltway North??”

    One of the first things I saw is that Takoma is spelled wrong on their map, the first sign this is an idiotic idea.

  • oh god, I also looked at the original website where this is posted and the map author BeyondDC admits to just looking at Google Maps to decide what the stations should be called, hence the renaming of the Branch Ave. metro station to “Auth.”

    I recall that when the name of National Airport changed it cost the metro system over $100,000 just to add Reagan to their signs, maps and websites. So this whole exercise is just nonsense – people don’t want their neighborhoods and metro stops renamed by some guy scanning Google Maps, and WMATA couldn’t afford to pay for it anyway. So stop, already!

  • Ugh. There’s “NoMa” again. Who the hell calls it that? What constitutes “NoMa” anyway, because technically all of Georgia Avenue is North of Massachusetts.

    And whatever happend to “BloMi” for “Bloomingdale?”

  • I used to live in Montgomery Hills and the suggestion that the metro stop should be renamed Beltway North is just pure ignorance.

  • @GeorgiaAve: Actually it was $500,000.

  • It doesn’t matter whether it is metro, Jim Graham, or someone else paying for the name change; 99 times out of 100 they are getting the money from taxpayers and this is an utter waster of taxpayer dollars. Also, the excuse that this is to help tourists is typical washington-area idiotic paternalism—people inventing problems to solve no matter how horrible and ill-thought-out the problem or solution.

  • @Jamie, you made my point X 5.

  • Park View refers to the Soldiers Home, which once was open to the public as a park. (Hence the street named “Park Place” that runs along the boundary.)

  • I’ll take up a collection to pay for the signage to rename the National Airport stop Barack Obama National Airport.

  • Renaming National Airport cost closer to $400,000 and initially WMATA refused, until the Republicans threatened to withhold federal funding from the system. By now you’re probably looking at over a half million $ to rename a station. What a f’ing waste of money – just learn the damn stations as they are. The tourists could probably use the exercise wandering around trying to find the touristy spots anyway.

  • @ AJS, Actually, Park View refers to the neighborhood south of Rock Creek Church Rd bordering the Old Soldiers Home (which is the park).

    Interesting in this discussion is that the metro actually has entrances in Petworth and 16th Street Heights, and both border Park View. It is located at the intersection of 3 neighborhoods, yet only one has its name on the station.

  • @Park View: I meant that the “Park” in “Park View” refers to the Soldiers Home. I was replying to someone above who wrote that there was no park nearby.

  • i didnt know the metro now had an entrance 5+ blocks from it’s current location, where 16th st heights begins.

  • @ Anonymous: well, if it isn’t 16th street heights, it must be columbia heights, but the west entrance under the Park Place condo/apts is clearly on the non-Petworth side of Georgia Ave.

  • saf

    Petworth, Parkview, Pleasant Plains, and Columbia Heights all come together there.

  • I LOVE WDC’s auction idea. I am totally down for detraining at “Georgia Ave. / The House” or “U Street Station 9” or “Gallery Place Brought To You by the Crazy Black Nationalists.” Let’s make it happen.

  • Grant Circle-Petworth MMMMMMkay!!!!

  • Eatmore Fried Chicken-Petworth-Stinky Safeway

  • This is a stupid idea. Who is actually thinking “I wish the names of the stations were shorter, so that I wouldn’t waste so much of my day reading Metro maps..”??? Seriously I want to know so that I can bring him to people with real problems and have those people beat some sense into him.

    The names help people unfamiliar with the city get around. Removing memorials, universities and other attractions would make it harder for people to find where they want to go and thus hurt tourism and the businesses surrounding those areas. Furthermore, naming stations after the roads they are located on is also dumb. How does D St SW tell me that there is the city’s largest farmers market in the area?

    F%ck it – lets just replace all the names with Wing-Dings symbols – that way only us locals would know how to use the system. Sure the system will close in 2 weeks, but those will be the best 2 weeks ever.

  • RD – You are awesome!

  • I think we should name a station “Experiencing Delays”.

  • RD – I second what MBK says…

  • Getting back to Anonymous:

    According to the office of Councelmember Muriel Bowser, 16th Street Heights is bordered to the east by Georgia Avenue, the west by 16th Street, the north by Missouri Avenue and the south by Spring Road and New Hampshire Avenue.

    So, the other exit at out Metro IS in 16th Street Heights.

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