Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Revel: I just moved into a great Petworth house and no longer have a neighborhood identity crisis from living on the northern edge of Park View

    Rant: I really hate packing/unpacking >.>

  • Rant: Finally tried Coco Sala. BIT let down. Deserts not particularly imaginative nor especially tasty, especially not at the price they charge.

    Rave: Finally tried Posto, and it was great in all respects!

  • Oh hey, it so happens I actually have a rant/rave to pile on today:

    Rave: Totally ran into PoP in NYC last night, if briefly.

    Rant: Totally got mugged on my doorstep once arriving home. Welcome home, indeed.

  • Rave: going on vacation next week – no place exotic, but man do I need a break.

    Rant: Scammers selling “points” or “work credits” to help pay for their education. I mean really – do these scammers think we are idiots?

  • I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

    Will also be moving into Petworth this Saturday. Really excited!

  • Rave: just had the sweetest tastiest apple I’ve eaten in a long long time…and it came from the Sandinista Safeway!

  • Rant: It’s Monday

    Rave: Went on a killer bike ride yesterday.

  • Rave: Finally began renovating my bathroom. Why did I wait so long to start?

    Rant: Spent most of Sunday with my head lodged between the sink and the toilet trying to install the new sink. When I thought all was said and done, I was brought back down to earth by the drip drip drip saying the drain was not perfectly sealed. Hopefully this isn’t a back to the drawing board situation.

    Related Rave: Thank my lucky stars I am not a plumber. No envy here. Lots of respect, but no envy.

    Un-related Rave: Participated in Earth Hour this weekend too. I plan to make this a regular weekend activity – super relaxing to cut the electricity, light some candles and chill with a nice bottle of wine and some good conversation.

  • Rave: A friend of mine will be in NY next weekend and I may go and meet up with her!
    Rant: There’s a show that I’d love to see in NY on Sat. night but it’s sold out and tickets on stubhub are out of my price range

    A friend of mine is looking to move (soon) into the neighborhood and is looking for a nice studio apartments for under $1200/ month (green line or red line, she’s mainly looking in columbia heights) — any suggestions?

  • I guess I’m in a whiny mood today because I have two more things:
    Rant: My roommate slammed her bedroom door shut this morning at some ungodly hour (6:30?) and woke me up, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I feel quite out of it at work today as a result.
    Rave: Reading this article in the paper this morning totally put me in a better mood — what great, pro-active kids in Shaw! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/29/AR2009032902225.html

  • Rant or Rave? – Anyone hear this last night? We did hear a loud strange noise last night and had no idea what it was, I forgot about it until I read this a few minutes ago.



  • Heather @ March 30th, 2009 at 12:25 pm –

    That really sucks, sorry to hear it. Did it occur last night? What time? In Petworth? MPD respond? Any detail you can provide is appreciated.

    Again, sorry to hear…

  • @RD
    THAT WAS intentional. In this economy, it helps to try and stand out from other advertisements… But thanks.

  • Rant: Me and my dog got attacked by a cat yesterday and i found out the cat never got its shots.. so i’m waiting to see if i’m RAPID
    Rave: Went to a party after getting attacked by the cat and had a blast!

  • I’m not RAPID.

  • Rant: My purse got stolen at Red Derby last night. Like literally right under my nose. My phone, ipod, new ish glasses, 2 books… credit cards and ID were all in it.

    Rave: Sasha, Dave and the Derby staff were amazingly helpful and clearly perplexed as to what happened. Went above and beyond. Mad my stuff got stolen, but they made the experience a bit less bad.

  • Correction, my purse got stolen Friday night.

    P.S. I would no longer recommend hanging your bag on those rungs at the standing area opposite the bar. Maybe if you are sitting at the bar and they are at your feet, but I had hung my purse from the rung and was standing right next to it and someone managed to sneak past me and grab it. So weird.

  • Thanks JN, but my friend is getting out of a long term relationship and has never lived alone before, hence her search for a studio — I think she really needs her own space to sort things out and be on her own for the first time.

    Nestum, that was hysterical, thanks!

  • Jaycee, DCist linked to this WTOP story which says it may have been space junk burning up in the atmosphere: http://wtop.com/?nid=596&sid=1636442

  • Rave: I had the most relaxing weekend ever! No work and only a little play.

    Rant: I boyfriend is being a real jerk about how much time he can spend with me.

  • Thanks DC_Chica – who knew burning space junk sounded a little like random gun play?

  • Sorry about your purse Maeella, but the thought of someone carrying two books around did give me cheer!

  • Rant: My friend/landlady is driving me up a wall, always shows up with no notice – hasn’t fixed a thing since I moved in (4 freaking months ago!) yet is here every monday “checking stuff out” – grrr…almost walked in me me *naked* today. Business and Friends do not mix. Cut the chitchat and fix the bloody washer/drier! Stat!

    Rant 2: Should I be looking for a new apartment? Waaaaahhhhhh

    Rave: My toes are finally thawing in the subarctic tundra that is my apartment. Yay spring!

  • Victoriam- Thanks! They were both pretty good books, so it’s a bummer. “A Year of Living Biblically” by A.J. Jacobs and “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov. Both are damn good reads.
    I can and will get new copies, but then I have to find out where I was in the books, which is lame.

    By the way, I have never really read much Science Fiction, but am doing so in remembrance of my awesome sci fi loving dad, and Asimov is kind of awesome…

  • Rave: My mom was in town this weekend!

    Rant: She just left, which leaves me feeling like a vulnerable six year-old as opposed to a twenty-six year-old.

  • Rave: The used condom (appeared to be used not that I got close enough to check) that was in my driveway since last Thursday was gone this morning. It doesn’t look to be anywhere else. Not sure if whom ever threw it there picked it up, maybe the wind blew it away, or some rodent ran off with it…I really don’t care its gone and I don’t have to pick it up.

  • Rant: None today. 😉

    Rave: The garden is springing to life and I got my hands dirty today. Homegrown tomatoes and herbs this summer!

  • Randomest Rant: do any of you ever go from NW to Pennsylvania Ave in SE? those of you who take 395/southeast freeway to Pennsylvania Ave exit know what i am talking about – there are 2 lanes that end at the East side of the Pennsylvania Ave bridge. and on the left of those 2 lanes is the 1 lane that ‘s called “stadium traffic only”.
    well today i was amazed at HOW MANY PEOPLE go into that left lane trying to pass by the rest of the traffic , only to realize it won’t go to pennsylvania ave, and then slow everyone down by trying to merge back in. i mean i know some people haven’t driven it and it’s only natural to want to go to the lane with the least cars.. but i wouldn’t believe that’s most of those drivers. and it’s SO annoying, it slows everyone down when they try to merge back in. today the traffic there was horrendous and the people merging back in were making it even worse……… just needed to vent. somebody tell me you know what i am talking about

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