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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday.  Anything good happen this week?

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  • Anyone have info about the fire on Farragut PL NW last night? I was heading north on North Cap and saw all the trucks. Hope everyone is ok.

  • Rant: I got laid off this week. This economy blows.

  • Anyone know about the stabbing yesterday at Warder and Qunicy, maybe around 4-5pm?

  • So that’s what that was about on Quincy St. There were 3-4 cop cars from at least 5:30pm to 8:30pm. I was busy with my kids and didn’t take the opportunity to ask a cop what was up.

  • Rant: Two Nextflix wandered away from my mail. Should have been in Wednesday’s mail. If anyone sees a random “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or “The Tudors: Season 1” DVD please let me know. Sigh…

  • My tenant just informed me they are cutting him back to 4 days a week and he may no longer be able to pay the full amount of rent each month.

    As Not telling Says said above:

    This economy blows.

  • Here’s something to pick people’s spirits up. Rumor has it that the pho place on Park Rd. has their second inspection scheduled for today, and if all goes well, they’ll be open on Saturday. http://readysetdc.com/2009/03/26/pho-update/

  • Note: this seems trivial compared to the bad news from Not Telling above.

    Revel: We might be getting some new neighbors!!!
    Rant: No thanks to you people.

    Expanded Rant/Rave:
    Last night I popped in to Polly’s before heading to the PoP happy hour. When carded (a joy at my age) the bartendress noticed I live on Gresham Place. She told me all about her and her husband considering putting an offer on 753 Gresham, and seized the opportunity to ask me, an actual resident of the street, what I thought of the block.

    I told her that in our two years that we’ve lived there we’ve loved it. We love the diversity and friendliness of everyone on the block, the proximity of everything cool, public transportation options, etc. She was excited to hear all this.

    Then she noticed my PoP shirt and said “My girlfriend just texted me a link to a Prince of Petworth post about the [sale of 753 Gresham] that says everyone is afraid of that block.” I mentioned that I’m among the few on that post who had anything good to say about the block and the only one who actually lives there.

    Here’s the thing: I believe there is this wack phenomenon where people tend to to be overly critical of another area, thinking that it somehow makes them feel safer about where they live. Talking smack about my hood doesn’t make yours any more safe or less scuzzy. And I doubt many of the commenters had ever been on my block.

    I’ve seen some cool things on my block, such as young girls skipping rope, people playing chess on a table on the sidewalk the Latin-American family down the block playing percussion instruments along to their CD player on their front porch. Everyone on their porch always shouts “hello” whenever I walk by. It’s a good place.

    I’m glad I came across my potential new neighbor when I did. I think I’ve “talked her down” enough so the PoP commenters won’t have ruined the chances of us getting some cool new neighbors.

  • America is a shitty country and is dying. The American people are basically infantile, ignorant shit who deserve to suffer. The people in DC are even worse than the average, as they take every American pathology and distill it into its purest form.


  • Rant: My bike got stolen.

    Rave: I want a new bike anyway, a touring bike. Where should I go to buy one, get fitted for it, do it up right?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rave: Thanks to all who came out to the Happy Hour at Solly’s

    Rant: Blogging hungover hurts. Ouch…

  • Rave: I’m just happy to a alive!

    Rant: It’s supposed to rain the entire weekend.

    Anonymous: you need to relax! =0)

  • Rant: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Sucky situation for the people out in Fargo right now with the river rising higher than it has for some 100 years. This is going to cause some serious problems for them.

    At least they wont have suffer the added indignity of having the rest of America saying that they somehow deserve this natural disaster due to choice of residency in a low-lying geographic location and/or sinful lifestyle, as those in New Orleans and California did.

  • @ anon 1:08 –

    Let’s not.

  • PoP – I overdid it a bit too, last night, so I feel your pain. As I’ve said before: “I’m never drinking again.”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Rave: Binklesworth has never missed a PoP Happy Hour!!!

  • Rant: “My vagina is on fire. I’m trying not to scratch it, Orlando, I’m afraid it will get infected.”

    Rave: “Just trying to keep the boulder in front of my love cave. “

  • Rachel, I wouldn’t be too upset about losing Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It sucked.

    Rave: I saw a cop get in the face of a motorist at 17th and K for… get this… blocking the crosswalk! (Perhaps the busiest crosswalk in the city.) He made her back up! Hooray! (Virginia plates, to feed the fire.)

  • Rant: Just came from the vet; my 16+ year old dog has cancer and a brain tumor. Untreatable, even if he was a young pup and I had a whole lot of money.

    Not a rave, but less of a rant: I’ve had him for 15 years & he’s had a good life.

    More of a rave: Beautiful weather and I’m working from home today. Time to go outside, enjoy the sunshine and think about work (or not).

  • Rant: DC house listings almost never include interior square footage! Today’s house porn being a notable exception.

  • Rave: Someone’s vagina is on fire. I love putting out fires!

    Rant: Considering the articles on diseases in the Post, someone’s vagina may really be spitting flames (HIV,STD) ! 🙁

  • Rave: Good time at the HH last night, though I couldn’t stay long.

    Revel: I got a job offer this week, and after being ue for a couple months, start anew on Monday. And a job that I wanted at that.

  • MPinDC, my condolences. I’m very sorry to hear your news.

  • Rave: WDC: you don’t know how happy that makes me! One of my biggest pet peeves is stupid cars that make me walk into traffic while they sit in the crosswalk.

  • Rave: I’m going to NYC for the first time in an hour for a rugby tournament.

  • Rant? More of a suggestion: PoP, can you up the Recent Comments links so there are more than the last 4 comments listed? I think your traffic has gone up so much that you should list maybe the last 10 comments. Would be great.

    Rave: This week is finally OVER.

  • Rave: I’m 3 for 3 for grad schools.

    Rant: My roommate has decide she is staying in our apartment, we are not compatible as roommates so I need to move out. Anybody got a cheap, safe, English basement they’re renting out?

  • MPinDC I feel your pain….only my rant is that my puppy was hit by a car last week, and needed to be put to sleep. He was only a year and a half.

    Rave: I finally took a dance class at Joy of Motion and it rocked!

  • @anon2:47 & Stephanie – thanks, & sorry about your pup Stephanie.

    (I’m also a JOM fan)

  • Rant: No work for the past three weeks now.

    Rave: Having nothing better to do, I’m going to hop over to Amsterdam and London for a lil while. =)

  • I 2nd PetworthRes’ suggestion.

  • Rant: DC is an unsafe shithole and I can’t stand it here anymore.

    Rave: I finish grad school in a month and a half and can move someplace else.

    Subsidiary rant: The economy sucks and there are no jobs anywhere.

  • Rant: Comcast. My cable hasn’t been working properly since October. I’ve had no less than 15 technicians to my house, and FINALLY on Monday they fixed the initial issue (the tap was never hooked up to the exterior of the house, so it was just lying on the patio getting wet and cold. So this should be a rave, right? Wrong. They screwed something else up and now I have no cable at all. When I eventually burn through the hundreds of dollars of credits they’ve given me, I’m all about DirecTV. But, I’m not sure what to do about internet. I hated Verizon, and Comcast’s internet has actually been flawless (except for the shaping for high speed usage) but I can’t stand to give them any more money. Anyone have any recommendations for internet options? (I’ve not heard good things about DirecTV’s internet options.)

  • Don’t get Verizon DSL. I tried them and for some reason the DSL wouldn’t work in the phone jack I wanted to use, even though the land line worked fine in that jack. After spending much time on the phone with tech support in India (they have *you* do the installation yourself), I set up an appointment. All they could give me was a full-day window. However, the Indian call center rep never in fact put the information through the system properly, so no one came. The kicker was I even called a couple of times over the course of the day to confirm that everything was on schedule, and different Indian call center reps told me it was all OK. They’ll tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get you off the phone. Only when I finally called at about 4:30pm did they tell me that there was in fact no appointment in the system for me. They told me I would have to set a *new* appointment up for some day the following week or so – and, you guessed, it – they would only give me a 9-5 window.

    Compared to Verizon, Comcast is like Jesus and cupcakes combined.

  • Nichole, whatever you do, do not sign up with RCN. I was with them for two years and I think literally not one aspect of my service (customer or actual internet service/speed) ever was done right or went smoothly. It took me so long to cancel because whenever I’d get off of the phone with them, I’d be so behind in life (from wasting so much time on the phone) and depressed that I couldn’t deal with it. (I work from home, which didn’t help matters.)

    In the end, I almost couldn’t cancel because the account name was mis-spelled (as ridiculous as Mefissa for Melissa). I had asked almost every time I called them to fix it, apparently of the ten’s of people I ever talked to at RCN no one ever corrected my name. So that was a problem in the end. Like Mefissa is actually someone else’s name whose identity I was trying to steal.

    Also, they owed me money for charging me for a service I never had and have only reimbursed me half of that so far. And this is after A LOT of work convincing them to give me my money back in the first place.

    I could go on and on and on and on…

  • Also, Nichole, I’m anonymous 4:49. I switched from RCN to Comcast, and Comast in comparison is a God send. Even the phone menu gets you to an actual person many minutes before RCN’s phone menu would ever get you to a real person.

  • Comcast just kills me though. They just can’t get their sh*t together. Like, they knew today that it was an external issue, yet the guy they sent (who was deaf – which would be fine if we didn’t have to communicate; he tried to write things for me, but a) I was hungover from the PoP HH last night and b) he had terrible handwriting. I am happy to take responsibility for a) but the fact that they sent someone who couldn’t communicate with me, and wasn’t even the right person for the job, and it’s still not fixed, is just frustrating.

    After months of having them send out people who couldn’t fix the issue with the tap (they could see it lying there – they would say, “Oh, well, here’s your issue…”) they all left without fixing it b/c that was a “construction” issue. One guy ziptied the tap to my GRILL and then reported the issue as resolved. Are you f*cking kidding me?! So yeah, I get it – Verizon sucked and even though Comcast’s internet has been fine, I just don’t know if I can do it anymore.

    Also, I really want cupcakes now. Thank you.

  • Wow RCN makes Comcast look like Jesus and cupcakes? They must really be bad. I’ve had nothing but problems with Comast and to rub salt in the wounds, when I rant on Twitter they respond! They have people monitoring twitter to contact people who are bad mouthing them! Totally creepy and a waste of money and time (how are they going to fix my problem in 140 characters or less?). Get more technicians and people to answer the phone!

  • amen, Jimmy D

  • So, as soon as I read Emmaleigh’s comment, I went to twitter and tweeted. (I wish the twitter vernacular wasn’t so effing stupid. Anyway…) Not 20 min later 4 techs and 2 vans showed up at my door. They said they’d been called off another job to come fix it. While it was probably a coincidence, I’m going to choose to believe in the power of twitter.

    I still hate Comcast though, so anymore internet suggestions for my imminent switch to DirecTV are welcome.

    Rave: Basketball in my living room tonight. I love March Madness!

  • Hey Columbia Hghts, Petworth, Mt. Pleasant, Adams-Morgan denizens! I’m developing a piece for a local rag that surely you’ve all seen and probably read, on the issue of (perceived) crime like drug dealing and (perceived) intimidation through “hanging out” on street corners, apartment entrances, front stoops….

    I would like to get neighborhood feedback on this topic offline. Please tell me briefly in an email what your feelings are and also give me a way to contact you for follow up, preferably a phone number. Obviously, I’d appreciate at least a first name. I hope you can respond quickly since I have a fast approaching deadline to meet. Reply to [email protected]. Thanks for the help all my ranting and raving neighbors!

  • rant: not much..

    rave: looking forward to house hunting in the area and getting to know the community…

    vincent, the yoga guy

  • Rant-This city is so thoroughly thugged out (or this neck of the woods , anyway) -I dont think I can stay here.

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