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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday.  Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rave: Being first on the RRRa/oR!

    Rant: when you order a bagel somewhere at a coffee shop or some such and they toast the bagel and then give you the little container of cream cheese to put on yourself. Why can’t they do it for me instead of making me feel like I’m at McD’s?

  • @Pennywise: TOTALLY agree! I’m paying you to put the CC on the bagel! And of course that tiny container is never enough!

    I’m going to relate this rant to Pennywise’s:
    Rant: When coffee shops smell like something is constantly burning… Multiple weekends in a row…

  • Mt. Pleasant 7-11 – why is it so damn crappy?

    Last week, Big Gulp Machine . Dr. Pepper nozzle deposited in my cup:
    A) pink lemonade
    B) a nice big roach who had been hanging out in the nozzle

    Roach climbed out of the lemonade, perched on my cup and stared at me.

    Sadly, no picture. The clerk didn’t give a s*

    A few months ago my Big Gulp tasted like cleaning chemicals – I guess my complaint about that was resolved by – never clean the drink machine …

    I totally heart 7-11 in general but the Mt. Pleasant 7-11 is just so nasty I think I just can’t deal with it any more.

  • FentonH – never trust anywhere inspected by DC Health. I cite multiple Safeways as copious evidence. Note that my Safeway, up on Piney Branch, has mice in the cereal aisle. That’s gross and all, but so… Babylonian… that I dig it.

  • Rant: I really hate my co-workers sometimes

    Rave: I have a job

  • Rant: Ate at Utopia last night (14th & U). Menu looked good, loved the atmosphere and decor, and the service was great. The food, on the other hand, was terrible. Between two people ordering five different things off the menu, we could only say one (the mussels app) was worth it. We aren’t picky eaters by any means. The gumbo tasted like I shoved a whole branch of rosemary in my mouth (and I like rosemary) and the seafood bisque would have a second dish on the worth-it menu but for the copious level of salt in it. We both ordered sandwiches. The Spinach and Mozzarella sandwich was flavorless – just wilted spinach and melted cheese, rather pathetic looking. The Cajun chicken sandwich was made with those fake, out-of-a-bag chicken breasts you get from Subway and was another salt slam. Bummer, I really wanted to like that place. How on earth are they Zagat rated?!

    Revel: I had a wonderful evening anyway. Going out to eat with my wife after her week long business trip to Texas, I could have eaten used shoes and been a happy man. A night cap of scotch back at the house didn’t hurt either.

  • Rant: I’m pretty sure I broke a rib coughing this week. Oh and I’m still coughing.

    Rave: I have nothing to do this weekend so I plan on spending most of it catching up on the DVR and wearing sweatpants, a giant sweatshirt and slippers all weekend.

  • TV Rant: I don’t like the way Grey’s Anatomy handled Izzy’s diagnosis.

    TV Rave: Uncomfortable as it was, I loved Jon Stewart’s smackdown of Jim Cramer last night. Reminds me why I have such a crush on the guy. (Jon, not Jim.)

  • Rant: I woke up to find my dog’s face bloody. I found not one, but two ticks in it.

    Rant: On my way to Rite Aid to get rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, my car started sputtering and generally acting up. It had been perfectly fine before this trip.

  • Oh I so need a rant! Received a subpoena yesterday to appear before a criminal grand jury next week in a case I had never heard of, for a defendant I had never heard of. Called the Asst. US atty. today, thinking it was a mistake. He says I was subpoenaed because I called 911 to report hearing gunshots back in January. (The most recent shooting/murder at 13th & Columbia.)

    Well yes, I explained, I did hear what I assumed to be shots, but didn’t see anything. What am I supposed to be testifying to? That you heard the shots and called 911. Yes, but so what? Someone was shot, ergo, shots were fired, ergo, the noise of shots was made. I have no other information to contribute. We went back and forth for a while with the ADA saying he couldn’t tell me any more because it might compromise their case, and me growing increasingly more frustrated.

    I asked why no police officer, detective or district attorney had contacted me before this to find out if I had indeed actually seen anything or knew anything. If you are investigating a murder and suspected that a caller to 911 actually had any information, wouldn’t you have talked to them before this? He handed me off to a detective who just repeated the “compromise the case” bull and insisted that if I didn’t show up he would have me arrested. By now they were both starting to sound like really bad spy movie screenwriters.

    I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t expect the prosecutorial acumen of Law & Order here, but wouldn’t this be a complete waste of time? I’ve sat on juries in DC and know well the frustration of listening to irrelevant testimony. I’m not trying to avoid testifying, I have in fact, actually witnessed and given testimony in a shooting
    before. I don’t really like having people murdered in my back yard and would be more than willing to testify if I had seen anything.

    I’m pissed off not so much over loosing a day of work, as facing, once again, apparent incompetence. What if I actually HAD seen something? I asked. What if I had actually seen the whole thing happen and could tell you the shooter’s name and address? You wouldn’t know because no one ever called or stopped by to ask me! You would have now wasted two months of your investigation.

    And what would it do to your case if I were indeed to show up in front of the Grand Jury next week and tell them I saw the whole thing and could identify everyone but the police never bothered to ask before now? Well don’t worry Asst. US Atty. Sharad Khandelwal, that isn’t going to happen, because fortunately for you, I don’t know anything.

    Well, I guess it isn’t as bad as a roach in my slurpee!

  • Anon 1:38, just in case you’re a new dog owner or new to the area, this is ground zero for Lyme disease. My dog got a case last year after a several ticks got her in Rock Creek. Keep an eye on your pup for lethargy, soreness, and the tell tale front-leg-limp. I didn’t know what my poor girl had done to herself and felt guilty when she was finally diagnosed as she had spent a few weeks or so intermittently limping and not moving much. Then I felt double guilty when I thought “it sure is nice when she’s not constantly pestering me to play or run her!”

    Note she responded very well to treatment and is again pestering me.

  • Hey Pennywise, that’s my Safeway too! I went there about two weeks ago to get some bland foods for my sick BF, and grabbed a loaf of plain white bread for his upset tummy off the bottom shelf. BEWARE THE BOTTOM SHELF! Got to the register, threw it on the belt, and realized the whole bottom of the bread was eaten away, the rodent got in through a tiny hole and had a field day. I gave it to the checker, she handed it to the manager (who said “bottom shelf, yeah?”), I got a new loaf, and all was well.

  • Rant: My BF’s truck got a ticket parked in front of our place – $50 for no front license plate. But the DMV didn’t GIVE him a front license plate! What gives?

    Rave: My lovely neighbor spotted the ticket and told me about it so I could grab it and not accrue more.

  • FentonH, two nights ago I was going into the 7-11 and saw the biggest rat I’ve ever seen running from under the microwave to the aisles, disgusting, the 2 people there were laughing and giggling and the lady told me it was the customers’s fault for opening the front door so much. So much for taquitos.

  • Victoriam, I for one would be delighted to be summoned for something like that. It shows actual records are being kept, and that someone is actually pursuing the case. This is what so many of us often wonder.

    And I am sure this is due diligence, it is a murder after all.

  • Rant: My housemates won’t clean up after themselves.

    Made worse by the fact that I have been single-handedly cleaning the house and taking care of a sick S.O.

    It makes me embarrassed, frustrated and anxious to be home.

    Plus, it is not helping with the mice problem we have been having recently.

  • Rant: It is gray outside and that makes me sleepy and generally no fun whatsoever. Yesterday I left my ATM card in the ATM like an idiot, not that it matters because I have no money.

    Rave: I had coffee and lunch bought for me today, totally by surprise! It made me feel a little less financially-challenged.

  • Rant: My cat got sick and was in much pain this week–48 hours in the animal hospital will probably set me back about $1500.
    Rave: Cat not sick with cancer or pancreatitis. Little guy will live!
    Rant: Pain likely due to an injury acquired from a rough night of wrestling and running around with the other cat. Gonna kill him for scaring me so bad! And setting me back $1500!

    Rave: FentonH’s 7-11 roach story, while totally gross and disgusting, is the biggest laugh I’ve had all day! Thanks!

  • By the way…

    “Going out to eat with my wife after her week long business trip to Texas, I could have eaten used shoes and been a happy man. ”

    Jimmy D, I can only hope that, one day, someone will say that about me…

  • Rant:

    Where art thou, 70 degrees and balmy?


    I biked over to Bestway in Mt. Pleasant this morning and found produce far better and far cheaper than at the Georgia Ave Safeway. And a much wider selection of hot peppers.

  • Does anyone know what the plan is for the two story structure at Sherman Ave and Park? It looks like a prime location for something – maybe some apartments or one or two nice condos up top and street level business. Is anything in the works?

  • Amen to all those Safeway stories.

    Rant: Constant chirping in the Safeway last night while picking up a few items. Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

    Rave: At least I didn’t see rodents in the bakery section… again.

  • Pennywise – my rant was exactly the opposite – it shows that they are NOT pursuing the case properly! Pursuing the case would have meant contacting me sometime in the last 2 months to see if I had any useful information.

    But glad your dog is better. I’ve had good luck with using a shedding blade “scrape down” on my dog as soon as we leave the park to scrape off any ticks before they attatch. (Though deer ticks are so tiny they are easily missed.) Also use “Frontline.” And get to know the normal color of your dog’s gums – pale gums are a good indicator of Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

  • Anon 3:25, there is no escape, its called getting older. Welcome to the real world!

  • IHeartShaw, I will buy you lunch and coffee one day too! Your ATM story is sooo sad.

    Jeremy, are you thinking of the building that’s white with the plywood 3rd story? Rumor has it, that will be a church, though I think the top floor would be an outrageous office for an architect or somebody creative (me perhaps?)

    anon 3:25, you should come work for my employer. You would have laughs every day. I swear the hospital is just a macrocosm of Petworth — never know when someone is going to do something to make you laugh like a banshee (or cry, sometimes….). Every day is exciting

    Yahoo…. what a lot of Fun Friday RRR comments

  • Anon 3:25pm – story of my liiiiiife. just save as much money as possible and move to an exotic location. at least that way if you are doing nothing useful for the world the weather will be nicer. thats my plan!

  • Victoram: they already caught the shooter I think, my guess is that you may be asked to verify that you did indeed make the call and did indeed hear stuff. The one murder trial I juried for years ago had a similar moment, where the prosecutors made it a point to say that the shots were reported by three DC citizens who were available if needed but not called to testify.

    Never try to understand lawyers, or the law, or the grand jury process. It just gets annoying 😉

  • Regarding the Sherman / Park building, I thought it was supposed to be made into apartments (at least according to zoning application) but I am guessing it is a casualty of the economy — I have seen no work done on that spot in about a year. Too bad as it could be a great location, so close to the 11th street commercial strip, redrocks, etc.

    Rant: never ate at Bar Pilar before and finally tried it, fantastic! The empanada special was very tasty, and the chicken was delicious. Price fairly as well.

  • Woops, that was supposed to be a “Rave” on bar pilar …

  • RANT: EVERY Safeway in DC is a filthy, shameful disgrace! They lost my business years ago.

  • Sorry, Pennywise, I think it is a citizen’s duty to try and understand all functions of authority and governmant, no matter how byzantine or outright stupid, in order to be able to challange them when they are ill-logical, failing or abusive. I certainly don’t say I succeed in understanding, but will always question. Yes, it is annoying, hence my grattitude for “rants” here.

    And just generally curious, what does your moniker mean? I only know it from the expression “Pennywise and Pound Foolish.”

  • A church? I’m not sure we need another church at that corner (the corner of Sherman and Park). There’s already two there, and one of them is taking up too much space for an urban environment. I think that Church of Christ should sell their parking lot. That would be a great spot for something better than a parking lot.

  • I just watched “Logan’s Run” for the first time, and I loved it. I think I’m finally ready to have someone with whom to watch these crappily fantastic movies. Weird, as I have always believed myself to be a complete and total loner.

    Maybe that cute Ohian spaniel-owner from the dog park is a Sci Fi nerd…

  • Safeway Sucks!

  • Victoriam

    I have a similar story but a totally different reaction. I was asked to testify in a case in which I had seen nothing, but heard something and called 911. All I could do was tell the truth, which I did, and hopefully it added information for the jury to sort out. While I could not identify anyone, I could provide information that something had indeed occurred. It’s just a piece of information. The lawyers have the big picture and maybe what you have to offer strengthens the case in some way. How could it hurt?

  • is there ANYTHING we can do, as community minded, tax paying citizens, about the F%&#ing dogs, pitbulls in this case, barking all night long????? I am at my wits end, last night both myself and my 21 month old son were awoken several times, the last time meant my son could not go back to sleep…so unhealthy for us.

    I call the cops often, i’ve spoken with the district 4 people, ( i’m supposed to get updates ut have never heard anything) I have called the Housing Authority ( did I mention that this house is section8, therefore our tax dollars are actually funding these people and their inconsiderate ways?), I have spoken to DCRA, and I ahve spoken to the landlord of the property.

    Bottom line is that it is NOT illegal to keep your dog outside unleashed 24/7, it is not a noise nuisance unless over a certain decibel…

    If they ahve such a strong “right” to own these dogs and inconsiderately impose on the rest of the community, Why don’t I have rights to protect the health of my family???
    Is DC the only city that does not have some kind of rule against such gross inconsideration/impositions on neighbors?

    Am I more upset because I am Canadian and this just does not happen there, where people respect each other more and are more considerate and conscious of the effect of their actions??


  • For barking neighbors, you might have luck with an ultrasonic bark stopper, it is triggered by the barking and emits an annoying ultrasonic tone that is supposed to stop the dog. ( google “bark stop” and you’ll see your options. ) I bought the ViaTek Bark Stop, and it did seem to have some effect, but my street is too noisy. Trucks etc. will also set it off, and I thought that would be too cruel and confusing to the dog.

    You’re welcome to have mine actually, since the offending dog finally died.

  • Victoriam, thanks so much for #1 proactive advcie and #2 for offerring up the device!! I would love to try it out…how do we arrange for pick up through PoP?

  • upthestreet – just give me a call at three eight seven two five seven one.

  • Anonymous 3:25: I’m with you…well, kind of. I work for a great non-profit, one that I believe in, but I really cannot stand what I do or the boss I do it for. I just don’t care enough to be good enough at what I do to make her happy. Plus she has this tendency to talk down to me in front of other people. I guess that’s my rant of the day.

    I saw my first mouse in a Safeway yesterday as well. I guess my rave is that it’s not a Safeway I ever shop at (other than yesterday).

  • Hi Folks,
    If you haven’t tried Fusion, the new S. Asian place on Georgia Ave and Delafield Pl, you should really give it a shot. I’ve been twice now, and brought two different groups of friends. Everyone loves it. The food is prepared perfectly, and consistently.

  • Rant: I had a blog about my school, and I wrote some pretty un-edited stuff about the administration I work for. Then, someone in the school found it through my facebook page and reported it, so I had to take the blog down.

    Rave: I still have a job! (And a new blog)

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