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I noticed this small garbage can on 13th Street. And then I was remembering a buddy of mine that lives on H Street, NE also has these small cans but they get picked up twice a week. I have a garbage can much bigger than this but it only gets picked up once a week. Which would you rather have a bigger can that gets picked up once a week or a smaller one that gets picked up twice a week? I’m seriously curious.

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  • I think I’d take the trash every OTHER week if DC would just deliver my damn supercan 😛

  • I have a small can and it gets picked up twice a week. I didn’t know that everyone didn’t have twice a week pick up until a couple of months ago. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I think I prefer twice a week, especially in the summer.

  • saf

    Alley pickup = supercan and once a week.

    Street pickup = small can, twice a week.

  • I’d prefer a 2x/week recycling pickup – my blue can gets filled up much sooner than the green one [I have twice a week pick up for regular trash].

    But I’m happy that my trash gets picked up 93% of the time.

  • We get twice a week with the small cans, which works well. But I guess it would be nice for my lazy ass to only take the cans to the street once a week…

  • Actually, on my street just north of H NE, we have alley pickup twice a week, with small cans.

  • I’d prefer a supercan for recycling, more than anything they let you recycle just about everything in DC, it doesn’t make sense to have the small recycling cans and big trash cans. my recycling can is never not full for the weekly pickup.

  • @ saf: i live on the hill and have street pickup once a week and have the large can

  • The issue is with the size of the alley. If you have a big, wide alley behind your house, you get a Supercan. If your trash is picked up out front or you have a narrow alley, the District uses smaller trucks and smaller cans. Most of the District has Supercans, with the smaller, older parts of the central city using the 32-gallon cans instead.

    There’s a big map (PDF) of all the collection days here: http://dpw.dc.gov/dpw/lib/dpw/New_RestrashDay_citywide.pdf

  • can i ask the city for a small can even though i get once a week pick up. i never fill my super can close to half way and it takes up too much room.

  • Alley, small can, gets picked up, well, seems whenever the hell they get around to it.

    We went weeks without recycling pickup, which was great because we had kids and drifters going through it and breaking crap all over the alley. Then our landlord yelled at us. It was awesome.

  • along the same lines as MPinDC & RD, I’d like to see a switch from the big green cans/small blue cans to big blue cans/small green cans across the whole city. If the alley size is the issue, then give us 2xweek recycle pick-up, but definitely we need smaller green cans and bigger (or more) blue ones.

    our recycling far outweighs our trash – the way it should be – and that’s something the city should be encouraging!

  • the city refused to give me a “super can” or any other can when i moved in; they told me that my house was not new construction, therefore, i should have inherited a super can when i bought (never mind the house had been empty for several years). they offered to sell me a new can for $60. so i went out and bought a 32 gallon trash can for $15 from Home Depot.

    i did finally talk them into giving me a blue recycling can for free. my recycling is pretty full after a week, but i never even halfway fill the trash can.

  • I just wish DPW would actually stick to some sort of schedule and pick up when they’re supposed to.

    Also, since we’re talking about trash – can I call out the guy in the black jacket, talking on his cell phone while walking his dog around 7:15 last night who turned right from Kansas Ave heading east on Randolph? Nice job walking all the way down someone else’s driveway to put your full poop bag into their already-full trash can. One of the problems with the small trash cans is that DPW (usually) seems to only take bagged trash, meaning that your poop bag is probably going to sit at the bottom of that can and stink it up until the residents dig it out. Or it’ll fall out of the can only sit and stink in their driveway. Yeah, at least you picked up after your dog, which is more than I can say for a lot of other people in the neighborhood, but why make it your neighbors’ problem? People already have enough to complain about regarding dogs; no need to give them even more reason to dislike dogs. If you can’t carry the poop for another few blocks until you find a public trash can, or until you get home, maybe you should re-think having a dog in the city.

    Sincerely, the very pregnant woman who walked into the alley with my crazy dog who doesn’t seem to like yours very much.

  • The trick if you have the twice a week small can pickup is to put in two requests for cans so you get two of the smaller cans. Then you have the best of both worlds.

  • I have once a week pickup and I actually emailed DPW a few months ago to try to get the small trash and a super recycle can because I never fill up my trashcan and usually don’t even fill it half way in a week but always fill the recycle can and then some. But they told me I can only have the large can if I get once a week pick-up and that they don’t have larger recycle cans.

  • At some point my house’s trashcans became mingled with approximately 6-8 other cans in the alley, and so I have my choice of cans and I can always find at least one or two that aren’t full. I wish that my other neighbors didn’t leave their trashcans on the curb in front of their houses all week, it just doesn’t look very attractive.

  • If you need a second recycling can all you have to do is request one. There’s not a limit at this point, or at least there wasn’t a few months ago when we got our second one.

  • @Jim, how long ago was that? I had to pay for one many years ago in Mt. Pleasant. But more recently I ordered a recycling bin & trash can for my latest house, and they were delivered quickly and without charge.

    You should make a point of getting a real DC-provided trash can. It is much harder for the trash people to deal with regular cans. The trucks have lifts that automatically pick up and empty the DC-issued cans using the bar on the front. I am not sure if they are required to take trash from non-official cans or not, but the overwhelming conventional wisdom is do not piss off your trash collector. They have power great power over you!

  • I agree with MPinDC/RD/the totten a big supercan is needed for recycling – I currently have 2 blue recycling cans. It took me about 5 months, 3 faxes, 2 online requests and 10 phone calls (and Mrs Grant never returns a phone call) to finally get a supercan. I kept getting denied because they thought I had one already and wanted a second for free. I just had my garbage out in normal plastic bags and they kept picking it up as recycling.
    I like the once a week pickup because the garbage men come way to early in the morning, normally before 8 am and they are loud.

  • The reason for the small cans is that they can fit easier between parked cars when the trash men pick them up.

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