PoP Preview – Cafe Salsa


Lots of folks have been anticipating the opening of Cafe Salsa located at 1712 14th Street (near Cork). As of March 20th they are officially open. At the moment only the first floor is open. However, I was able to take a tour of the second floor which should open shortly. I think they did a really good job. The space is huge. Here’s what the first floor looks like:


There’s a nice bar:


A couple of patrons were kind enough to let me photograph a couple of the items they ordered.


Papitas (stuffed with potato and Cuban beef)

Here’s a little description of the place:


In the front of the second floor they have a little lounge area called the Mojito Lounge.


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Of course there is also a bar in the lounge:


There will also be lots of room for dining in the mid to back sections of the second floor.


The room pictured above is called the Candela room (Fire room) which is located in the back of the second floor.

Lunch hours are from 11am – 3pm and dinner hours are from 4pm – 12am. The restaurant currently stays open until 1am though that time will likely be adjusted to a later hour in the future.

Anyone check them out this weekend? Do you like the way it looks?

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  • So? Did you eat anything? Explore the tequila selection or the mojito quality? C’mon, enough of the design stuff, cut to the chase, man.

  • Walked by yesterday afternoon with the dog…looked like they had a decent crowd for a Sunday afternoon…any new restaurants along 14th is a good thing…just wish there was a casual place you could pick up a decent slice when you wanted one…

  • Been waiting for this spot to open. Pass by it almost every day…

  • The one in Alexandria is good. This is their second location.

  • How are the prices? “Empty fridge Tuesday” or “got a sitter, let’s splurge”?

  • I’m glad this place is finally open. If I remember, it was slated to open around the same time as Cork in late 2007, I thought by this point it was a lost cause. Glad to see it’s worked out, and I’ll have to stop by and check it out soon.

  • I ate there on Saturday night. I think it’s very promising – the food was delicious, and seemed pretty reasonably priced.

    However, the service was laughably bad. Since it’s still in its “growing pains” phase, I’ll try again in a month or so. A welcome addition to the neighborhood, but, come on, wine shouldn’t take an hour!

  • Still excited about this addition to the neighborhood, but I wish they had proofread that sign.

  • Doesn’t look n!**erfuxated…yet. Considering how bad Washington D.C. is

  • IT was amazing! Just got back from lunch there and the service was great. Had two servers helping us and my glass was never less than half full. The Cubano Sandwich was easily the best I have ever had.

  • I had to look up “n!**erfuxated” and it took me to the Stormfront website. God Bless America! I love how far we’ve come over the years.

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