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DSCN7443, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You can see last week’s winner here. I’ve noted this house in the past which always makes me laugh because of the boarded up windows behind the sign. Your caption in the comments, winner announced Friday.

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  • Wasn’t this house baby blue when the “Luxury…” sign went up?

  • Build to Suit*

    *Does not include taxes and fees and is subject to change without notice. Owner must obtain all permits. Blueprint already selected.

  • …the pinnacle of urban luxury – meth cooker comes standard.

  • Buy now and you can pick your finishes. Keep the cozy plywood window barriers or upgrade to handsome granite or durable engineered stone in your choice of colors!

  • Fresh off the print DCRA permits ($90 and a week’s worth of time value), complete with organically grown, rain-forest friendly plywood.

  • “We in no way regret paying $849,750 for this house two years ago.”

  • We regret to inform that the stainless steel appliances have been both stained and stealed.

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