PoP Pho Patrol

DSCN7368, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well, as reported last, Pho 14 was hoping to open today or tomorrow. Sadly, that was a bit optimistic. But fear not, I am in daily contact with the folks at Pho 14 located on Park Road a bit west of 14th Street. Today I heard, they have been promised an inspection tomorrow and aim to open this Thursday. Again, I promise to post the official news as soon as I hear from them. Hang tight for just a few more days!

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  • Clearly they are just stalling so that their opening will coincide with the completion of my graduate thesis, thus giving me two reasons to celebrate.

  • If they don’t get their inspection as promised, we should file a complaint or petition or something.

  • Brad – – I’m having a bad day – but that made me smile. Thanks.

  • Gah! If I can’t get any Pho after work today, please for the love of God stop posting that delectable photo!

  • I am thrilled! We just bought a house in Petworth and Vietnamese is my favorite…great minds think alike…

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