PoP Pho Patrol – It’s Official Grand Opening Thursday!!!


Great news – they passed their inspection! Pho 14 (Park Road just west of 14th Street) will have their grand opening this Thursday (they’ll be doing some final training on Wed. but you might be able to convince them to let you dine in if you can’t wait until Thursday)! They will be open from 10am – 10pm. For the grand opening on Thursday they will be serving free egg rolls with your order. I’ll do a post on Friday/Monday to see what folks think. Bon appetit!

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  • I’m so psyched.

    Pho real.


  • What is with the pho addiction around here? It is nothing but low grade meat in a broth with some veggies or something. I just don’t understand.

    To me it is just like shawarma…something trendy to munch on but ultimately lacking in substance. I was at some new Shawarma place in Adams Morgan and was absolutely delighted to pay $8 for what was ultimately 2 oversized pieces of bread with a dash of meat and a hint of veggies in between. If I want a bread sandwich I can go to subway and at least only pay $5.

    Anyways…y’all can enjoy your faux…I mean pho food.

  • yeah pho pho-teen!

  • hooray for low quality meat in broth! (ive had too much low quality meat in a bun lately, as well as their fatty fried potato counterparts)

  • they are open for business!! Woot!
    Just had a good bowl of Pho Tai [basic pho].
    Very nice service, too.

    @Ocoee – Mang, you need to hit a good pho place and get right. I feel sorry for you – judging with your anti-hipness meter. I bet you hate soul food too. sad.

  • open until 10pm!!!!!! I kept walking by this place, hoping it would be open!!

    Now instead of ZOMGWTFBBQ (Z Oh My Gawd What the Eff Barbeque) as an exclamation of happiness, we can Asian-ize it 🙂 to


    Very excited about this restaurant being open. Thanks for writing about it.

  • Pho-getaboutit!

  • Just came back from dinner- Yummy! The huge crowd moved along quickly and got dinner for 2 for under $20. That NEVER happens for us. I say major thumbs up!

  • Been hearing a lot of good reviews about the place. Ate there twice and so far I agree…Pho 14 is pho-licious pho-real!!!

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