PoP Happy Hour This Thursday and Other Admin Notes

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Mark your calenders, at long last the next PoP happy hour is this Thursday from 7pm on at Solly’s located at 11th and U. This is just a regular happy hour where you can meet lots of your neighbors and drink some beers. I’ll bring plenty of PoP t-shirts in case anyone would like to purchase one. There will be some unaffiliated bands playing at 8:30 pm but I say that’s super cool. Hope you can make it!

Now for some other admin notes. I’m looking for some more contributors. Specifically, folks who live in Bloomingdale, Brookland, Anacostia, Eckington, Mt. Pleasant, Penn Quarter/Chinatown, H Street, NE. Other neighborhoods are of course welcome as well. Additionally, if anyone is interested in the DC museum scene please email me at princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com.

Finally, a number of readers have asked me to set up a twitter account. Is that something you’d be interested in?

See you Thursday!

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  • What’s twitter?

  • saf

    Please, no. Too hard to keep up.

  • I think any technology that’s been broadly adopted by members of Congress has probably had its moment on the cutting edge already and will soon be used only by middle schoolers entranced by their own wisdom (not a bad description of Congress). Besides, I’d much rather read thoughtful stuff with maybe a picture or two than random 140-character epigrams.

    Maybe as the occasional special event — “liveblogging” a street festival or something.

  • Oy. I’m guessing Not telling didn’t understand the funny of Stephen Colbert’s twitter joke, then.

  • No twitter. I wouldn’t read it, and then stuff from the twitter feed would make its way into the regular comments, and would feel like in-jokes. I want to be in on the in-jokes. But not enough to do the twitter thing. Which means I would probably eventually abandon PoP. Don’t scoff. It’s happened to other blogs.

  • Please, do not use twitter… it’s anoying and cryptic.

  • Please do not twitter.

  • Twitter and the [email protected] who use it piss me off.

  • Sure, why not. I tweet regularly to keep in touch with friends and family and having occasional updates on my neighborhood and city would be a welcome addition to the PoP franchise.

    That said, for all the haters… enough with the too-cool-for-school crap, if you don’t want to engage in the twittersphere don’t; we still think ur hip… or do! then you can miniblog ur loathing of twitter to everyone and no one at the same time!

  • This is kind of topic but I just discovered a new channel on my tv–Current TV. They had a hillarious bit on Twitter as well as Friendster, Facebook and MySpace last night. I think this is my new favorite channel. Anyone else catch this?

  • i heart current. only channel i watch. didn’t catch the twitter bit

  • I am generally very slow to adopt or keep up with all of the trends – so I currently do not twitter or is the correct usage tweet.

  • I recently started using twitter and think it’d be good for PoP.. Maybe w/ some content slightly different than whats on the actual blog? Also, i might be interested in helping w/ content for Mt. Pleasant..

  • For all these people complaining about not wanting Twitter, there are some who would follow you on it (like me). Go for it!

  • PoP,
    You dont really need to do Twitter since Facebook’s homepage is now twitterfied!

  • Hi, we’re one of the bands playing at Solly’s tomorrow (thursday). We play funk from outerspace or something. Check us out here, and see you there!



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