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  • Are you sure that photo was taken in Mt. Pleasant? That calendar is displayed the almost exact same way in the window of the bodega next to Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Could be one in the same. I thought I saw something about Mt. P.

  • It is in Adams Morgan indeed, on my way to Mount Pleasant…


  • True story: Was walking my 4-year old nephew by it (he only speak Spanish) and he stops and goes…”oooh mire Tia” quite loudly. I’m momentarily mortified, till he goes “oooh mirra las luces.” The light thing on the left lights up and goes around…

  • OMG, that is so fresh. Keep them com’n cuz I keepz enjoy’n all these irrelevant record album covers. It’s like being in a museum that covers 60’s and 70’s kitsch.

  • It looks like an album cover but it’s a calendar of the DC Bikini Team, whatever that is, kinda reminds me of the Obama grrl singing “…you’ll get your head of state” in front of the Capitol.


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