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  • It’s on the basketball court at Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan.

  • And the artist is working on a new panel to replace the one that’s been destroyed by the soccer players and he will be adding others to reflect things that have changed in the neighborhood since he did this original. Should be done by early summer so check back.

  • lol. so there will now be panels showing yuppies in the dog park? Im wondering when the neighborhood gets together and lobbies to have a tennis court replace the bball court. as bball courts attract the wrong kind of sportsman. dont they. lol

  • The additional panels are going to be quite spectacular and will surely piss off more than a few people. Those of us who have seen the ideas are very excited.

  • It’s funny how every mural in this city that attempts to show the “history” of the city portrays everyone BUT white people (a few even throw in native americans LOL) despite the fact that white people have always been a significant part of this city, particularly prior to 1960 when in fact they were a huge majority. So much for history, I guess.

  • Kojo. yr serious? I. I dont even know where to begin.

  • Whites are totally marginalized in DC. thanks for pointing that out Kojo. Hell I know when I am riding my bike around the mall. around all those monuments and memorials I often think. COULD THE WHITE MAN PLEEEEASE GET SOME REPRESENTATION.

  • that photo is seriously stamp.

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